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that’s (not) what i’m talking about!

Posted by hema on June 12, 2008

i so thought claire was going to win. after raef(is that how you spell it?) went, she’s been my favourite. her presentations are amazing and she’s a good salesperson.

i was not impressed with Lee winning:( i was planning to show the clip of his interview as an example of why you should save your self the embarrassment of lying on your CV. i did not expect it to be condoned with “everyone stretches the truth slightly” (???)

apologies for those who have managed to resist the temptation of wanting to know what on earth everyone was talking about in the staffroom (and for those outside of the UK, sorry)

for those that have been following it, do you think the right person was chosen for the Apprentice 2008?


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food diary

Posted by hema on June 2, 2008

  • a typical day


  • coffee!
  • cereal or teacake(i love teacakes at the moment) if i try really hard. i’m still not really breakfast person:(

mid morning snack

  • fruit
  • nutrigrains (i am also in love with these)
  • water or vimto (linked because ‘Liya tells me they don’t have vimto in in California Canada.shocking!


  • soup! (i am also in love with this. there is the best vegetable soup at work i love it)
  • coffee with biscuits (if there is some in the office:)

(if i don’t have time for coffee, i need some sort of pick me up- a fizzy drink or something. anyone who wants to even try and control my GCSE resit class on a Friday afternoon without caffeine is more than welcome to try!)

  • some water or vimto:)


  • usually a sandwich unless something is cooked at home like pasta.
  • usually some sort of salad.
  • fruit juice
  • desert (which is usually chocolate:)

and usually warm milk with honey at night because i’m sad like that:)

just looking at the list, i could probably cut out some chocolate, but i usually only have snack size! i usually get in my five portions of fruit and veg without even trying.

i thought what i would do was, compare my diet to yours. any similarities or differences? How healthy do you think i am!

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