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Posted by hema on December 2, 2008

did anyone else totally try to get to work this morning, despite being able to see the rows of cars from their bedroom window and receive dire warnings that it’s too dangerous to drive? i’ve never been so scared in my life! and i was only going 5 MPH!

luckily made it to the top of my street(took an hour!) and was told college was closed. i’m a bit bit bored now, don’t know what to do with myself. i only see this one class on tuesdays, so if Eid is on tuesday next week, they will be very behind!! and i organised to have form pics today. and i needed to get organised for parents evening tomorrow. i think i will be working from home then!

i’m more worried my sister can’t get in, who works in A &E! not good.

hhm what else? i was going to write about my traumatic experience being threatened and having a fight break out in my classroom, but it’s kind of old news now. one student has been excluded and the other apologised, so i’m not really that distraught anymore.

and the other thing was when i offered to go shopping with my friend, who decided to bring along her three year old (sick!) daughter, who decided to throw up all over me when i gave her a cuddle! i went over the next day to give her a chance to apologise for her offence, but she wouldn’t talk to me. i apparently did a lot of screaming when she threw up. i didn’t scream at her though! but she is talking to me now though, although it took some blatant bribery.

i need a sensible coat and sensible shows. i don’t think i’m prepared for the weather if this continues!


5 Responses to “snow!!!”

  1. It took me an hour to get home from littleborough where i was covering today…it normally takes me about 10 mins…i definitely need some boots/wellies….

  2. mishymoshy said

    It took me 3hours to get to Manchester, usually takes me around an hour. There was an accident involving two lorries and a car in a fairly narrow road which bottlenecked everything and made it worse. I only did a few hours at work too which was annoying. I have some purple stripey wellies I wanna wear em but keep forgetting.

  3. 'liya said

    You’re back!

    Eid mubarak 🙂

  4. ymiss said

    come back its lonely being the only one blogging from our little group x

  5. hema said

    i can’t think of anything to write about though:(

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