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i’m just an average person doing average things. Until recently, i wasn’t very into the cyber world, but i’ve decided i rather like being a geek. This blog is really just about my experiences of the world, and anything i feel like writing about, which is usually about Islam or teaching and, of course, the all important random stuff. Anyone is welcome on here and i look forward to your input.

feel free to use this page to tell me a bit about yourself.


24 Responses to “About”

  1. Snowdrops said


    I’m Snowdrops and I’m a student and a fan of yours ๐Ÿ˜›



  2. hema said

    you sound like one of my students when they are trying to suck up! however, seen as you don’t have an ulterior motive, i thank you for the compliment. xx

  3. samia said

    salaam babe. im your msn friend of 2007 :o) and hope that i wont be replaced next year, although we havent spoken much these last weeks.. what happend to that tuesday, im dying to hear :o)
    well i just wanted to give my salaam and tell you that im looking forward to the post on second chances.. lol.

    miss our late night chats :o(

    kys kys til dig min ven.
    xx samia

  4. hema said

    wasalaam smukke- (is that a word or have i just made it up?)

    the post on second chances is actually something i wanted to say about my students who are resitting their exams and how brave some of them are, but you have just given me an idea for another post!
    beacuse of course the same idea can apply to life in general..

    i’ve emailed you about “tuesday” and the lack of msn conversations! xx

  5. Shahrzad said

    Salam and Peace..
    You seems very lovely teacher. I am so happy for you. I like your words for it is very heartfelt. You express yourself very unconditional, without any mask. I like the way. Toward true wisdom and maturity, Stay beautiful.. :>

  6. Shahrzad said

    Salam and peace..
    Hema, honey, If you ask for only one again, i will cheat again. I am big cheater in this case, really difficult to choose one, What can you do. lol.. Luv ya..

  7. samia said

    wa salaam smukke… it is a word, u are so good.. it means beautiful.
    im glad u’ll do one on life in general, as that’s what i thought it would be about… maybe i should do one, we all know i’ve needed second chances in terms of many things and even got second chances in life more than once… mmmm… we’ll see. but id prefere you to do it, as you know i simply just LOVE-EEE reading on your blog, even if i rarely leave a reply.. you could say im one of those “secret” readers, if it wasn’t for your statcounter LOL.
    thank you so much for the mail, it really got me smiling… as for msn, i tryed to get connected again, but it just didnt want to do as i. anyways, im on tonight, so i’ll keep out for you in case you are bored and cant stay away from the pc :o) misssssss youuuuuu…
    love ya girl.

    salaam my twin xx

  8. hema said

    i’m not sure i deserve your words shahrzad, but i will aspire to them inshAlah.
    samia, you know i enjoy reading all the comments on my blog but there are some that i look out for more than others, and yours is one of them, and i’m not just sayign that. i miss your regular contributions:( but it’s fine as long as you’re reading. i will get to work on that post just for you xx

  9. samia said

    รฅรฅรฅrrrrhhhh (like we say in danish) my heart is melting, such kind words @->– you are so sweet.. im looking forward to your post on this topic, and we need to talk again really soon, ill see if i can get online tomorrow or thursday (you know my web is messing me up lately)are you with your sis-in-law these days? give him(Yusuf/Umar-lol)a kiss from me.
    xxx vi ses min skรธnne veninde. kys kys

  10. samia said

    salaam again babe. thought id catch you here as i havent seen you on msn lately :o( today has really been a sad day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ gry left this morning.. i decided i couldnt stay away from the airport anyway- but it was so sad, so many people crying, and as you can imagine i was one of them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    anyways, i just wanted to let you know that i’ve finally done the post on rude and impossible customers- just for you, so enjoy-lol.
    hope to catch you online soon. how is yusef? any maternal feelings kicking in yet LMAO.
    love ya. vi ses.

  11. hey hema , I like checking your random posts out ๐Ÿ™‚
    I finaly had a meeting with my parents yesterday I will be writing a post on it inshallah , I also want to say I like your name , nice and freindly and unintimidating ๐Ÿ™‚ which is what makes me like certain people .
    hmmm about me ? well a crazy iraqi girl , confused and not normal ! lol

  12. hema said

    samia–a you i had fun with the webcam yesterday, we should do that again hehe

    confusedaboutlife- you like my name??hhm someone mentioned once it has hindu connotations and i was uneasy about it for a while, but i can’t help it, it’s my na–ame i like it! it’s actually a nickname though, not my actual name
    “well a crazy iraqi girl , confused and not normal”
    well, hopefully the meeting with your parents will have made you less confused, alhtough then you would have to change your username which is always a hassle:)

  13. hema – I think they are right I actualy new a hindu girl with that name ! she was load and bubly lol , but the name is an easy going name , check it out the meaning inshallah ๐Ÿ™‚ I do want to change my user name but cant seem 2 ergggggg any ideas ?

  14. hema said

    i know the meaning..at least it’s not a religious one. hema is just a name i’ve always had, i don’t think anyone can really explain it. doesn’t everyone have two names though
    your username ermm how about notcofusedaboutlife? (in other words i don’t think i’m the best person to ask!)

  15. samia said

    i know you had fun you craaazy, i was in the blind… did you ask your brother if he had one?! next time ill give you a tour around the new kitchen ( i just love it, and cooking is actually fun now-lol)
    havent seen you online lately? you okay babe?
    best regards to your family, the baby and your even more crazy brother (gosh, i cant believe i feel for it LMAO (still))
    wasalaam xx

  16. hema said

    nope, no camera which suits me just fine! kitchen tour sounds interesting, although it was mroe fun watching you do funny expressions!
    i started work so am trying to avoid the internet, although i’m sure i’ll be back to old habits soon!

  17. Snowdrops said


    Long time no talk/comment hmm? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I must say, your weeme and your mood are quite ironic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love ya!
    xxx ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. hema said

    wasalaam snowyyy
    where have you been!!!
    hope college is going well for you and they’re not working you to hard. some of my tutor group looked so depressed today(after parent’s evening!) i scrapped my lesson plan and we played bingo instead:)
    i need to change my mood, i don’t feel like that anymore. i’ll do it now

  19. Salman said

    havin’ a blog does not make u a geek…its not even cool these days

  20. Rainbow in the Blue Sky said

    aslamu alakum
    just came accross your blog , had a browse and dropped you salam !!!

  21. hema said

    wa alaikum salaam and welcome!

  22. Initial-M said



    happen to see ur Blog…gud !!

    keep posting!!

  23. hema said

    waslaam- and thanks for dropping by.

  24. srinivas said


    was perusing above mentioned responses – thought of sharing a line with you

    hema is neither hindu word or pertain to any religion
    the meaning of hema in sanskrit is gold

    i wish you glitter like gold and give light to this blind universe ๐Ÿ™‚

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