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Posted by hema on August 19, 2008

having made a conscious decision not to blog about anything religion related, for reasons revealed to some of you(ooh sounds ominous!) or anything teaching related unless its password protected (and even i have forgotten my password), i find i am left with very little to talk about, which goes some way to explaining the lack of posting. wanting desperately to get something down though, before the mad rush that is the start of term, incidentally coinciding with the beginning of ramadan, i was desperately thinking of a topic to write about and thought i may as well talk about my allergic reaction on here (as i have complained to everyone i know and they are now sick of it)

i had an allergic reaction to something..and that’s it actually. it’s gone now, which is either a miracle or the antihistamines (i prefer to think it was a miracle!) but it got me thinking about how much i take my health for granted. there are people that have to endure far worse pain on a daily basis and somehow manage to get on with it without complaining and the itchy rash had me bed ridden for a week. when you are ill, you have little time to think about anything other than how to get rid of the pain, which is why other problems seem trivial. i’m going to try and remember how i felt this week next time i’m complaining about something bad which has happened, because in reality i should be grateful for my good health!

i still don’t know what i’m allergic too though.


7 Responses to “good health”

  1. iMuslim said

    You’re allergic to a lack of blogging…

  2. Maryam said

    I wish you Good health Hon .. ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW, Why have to decided not to Blog religion related or Teaching related ?? Your posts maybe real helpful for people, Dont you think ??

  3. 'liya said

    I agree with both of the above, come back!

    And hope you’re doing much better now and figure out those allergies.

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    Nice blog

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  6. hfm said

    That happened to me, omygosh, my skin would just go all rash-y and itchy.
    Ugh, I had no idea what it was I was allergic to but after a thorough application of camomile lotion it would go down.

    Hope you find out what you’re allergic to.

  7. Snowdrops said

    I would go all spotty when I had mango due to my allergic reactions. I love mangoes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    There’s got to be something going on that is not related to teaching or religion. Nah? If you cease your posting, I’m going to lose one of my favourite blogs. I don’t want that. ๐Ÿ˜ก

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