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attempting to get back into the swing of things

Posted by hema on February 22, 2010

im pretty certain i hav actually forgotten how to blog and my stats show me noone checks this anymore, and think its so weird i used to post my thoughts out for anyone to see. dont feel comfortable doing that just yet, so thought id try out a private one. not sure ive got it right though, so samia, ymiss let me know if you can read this!

how long has it even been since i last blogged? !

so anyways, here is a topic i wanted to discuss.

what are the pros and cons of jilbab and is it something you would ever do?


One Response to “attempting to get back into the swing of things”

  1. ymiss said

    I’ve tried afew times to reply to this gone from lengthy posts to a short comment but there is little I can add that you can’t find elsewhere. At some point I do want to be strong enough in my faith to wear one but for now and maybe for quite a while I won’t be wearing one or considering one.

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