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i remembered my password!

Posted by hema on March 11, 2009

ymiss politely asked me to update this week, so just doing this quickly from my phone for her, seeing as i have one reader left still:)

i think i’ve forgotten to blog!

what’s on my mind right now is….

*results day tomorrow! they don’t get their results until the afternoon, which means they will be jittery and stressed all morning. i’ve felt like a teenage emotional puchbag all week!
i think i’ve planned for it though. i’ve bought cute glittery things for the posters they’re making first lesson (which they love) and have cut out my cards for the game they are playing second lesson. (ask me if you’re interested in the game, i can’t be bothered explaining!)

* all these tudor novels i’ve been reading have come in quite handy. i’ve just looking at tudor based extracts from my module on language change.
i want to watch the young victoria. has anyone seen it?

*saturday is becoming my cooking day. i cook to destress. will try and post up recipes!


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