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help me choose a book

Posted by hema on May 27, 2008

me:when was the last time you actually read a book?

student: the Shakespeare one we read in Lit

me: and did you enjoy it?

student: no, he’s well gay. he uses really old fashioned words like allegiance and bachelor

me: when was the last time you read a book you enjoyed then?

student: from pieces to weight ..(blank look)it’s 50 cents autobiography (blank look)oh come on .. you must know who 50 cent is.. he’s proper sick……..do you want to listen..

me: i’ll listen if you read a book over the break

student: ok, if it’s interesting i will innit

so i need you to help me choose a book that will appeal to a 17 male that would constitute as interesting. this could make or break his love of books. it’s your responsibility now, not mine 🙂


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Posted by hema on May 22, 2008

*i feel a bit shy writing on here, i don’t now why haha it’s been so long, i think i’ve forgotten how. why didn’t it bother me before that just about anyone can read this?

* i’m just going to waffle for a while, so bear with me. hopefully then i can get back to blogging daily almost daily, i have no excuse now, i’m mostly up to date

*i’ve forgotten how to use this thing, the formats changed!

* how about a joke?

what kind of clothes does a house wear?



* i burnt myself with coffee, and then was off coffee for about two weeks, but needed a caffine hit so tried relentless and was going off the walls, i don’t think i like it!

* as you can see, i really have nothing to say! leave me nice comments and tell me what you want me to blog about ok?

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