hema’s sphere


To annoy and confuse everyone as much as possible, password protected posts will be of four types. type one is strictly girls only and will be given to everyone who i know is reading. if you don’t have it, i probably don’t have your email address, so email me on hemasphere1(at)gmail(dot)com or leave it on here.  type two is for general stuff i don’t want to make public, such as some teaching related stuff. i’m not too bothered who has it, but i’d rather know who is reading, so email me!

type three and four will be given to the relevant people so please don’t ask for it. thanks.


5 Responses to “password”

  1. Sumera said

    Check your email hema dear!

  2. Conflictedworld said

    Acha so im not a relevant person am I? I can’t access the Duck one hmm tut tut…. im dissapointed I go away for a week and you forget all about me 😦

  3. hema said

    sumera- sorry just seen this! use my hotmail one if you have it, i check it much more often.
    cw- noone from the “real” world has access to that, it’s just my chance to escape from everything and actually that entry was just ranting and raving, if i take it out on other people i’m less likely to take it out on my friends right? and it’s worked, so really i’m doing you a favour:)

  4. amal said

    salams hema ! guess what ? I lost your password ! now how did I do that ? I really have no idea , maybe I deleted it by accident , anyways babes re send me your password 😛

  5. zak said

    hello hema huefjv

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