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you just know you’re not blogging enough when..

Posted by hema on December 27, 2008

it takes you three attempts to log in because you can’t remember your password!

i have been going through my blogroll trying to figure out who wrote a positive review on The Other Boleyn Girl and i can’t remember! but thank you whoever it was, because i bought it based on that review, and then bought the whole tudor series. i’m on the last one now!! as you can see i have spent most of my holidays reading. i think i most definitely needed a break this term. after spending most of the term getting everyone to revise and send off university applications, the last thing i needed in the last week of term was a complaint from a parent saying i was putting too much pressure on her son. too much pressure! if he was any more chilled out he’d be sleeping in the class! anyway, i said i’d ring her back after the holidays. i think i needed that long to calm down!


5 Responses to “you just know you’re not blogging enough when..”

  1. ymiss said

    Yay!! I don’t feel so lonely anymore. Hmmm and there was me thinking you started the series after I told you it was a must read hmph! oh well im sure I read them because of a review I read too. I want to read them all tooooooo a bitterness swells up within everytime you mention you have them all but you have an amazing sister who has one for me :)guess its all good x

  2. mishy said

    Ohh I know that feeling, I hate passwords.

    Please blog properly again. You were the first to start this and now it looks like you’ve given up. Maybe we should too.

    Only kidding. Just update properly you loser spending time in the real world you.

  3. hema said

    erm..ymiss you do realise she bought that book by accident because she clicked on the book twice on amazon! she’s only giving it to you because the book was cheaper than payignthe delivery charge to return it! have you seen the film, i watched it the other day-such a disappointment! come and get the constant princess though, some of it is set in spain so it’s quite interesting.

    mishyyy. i know i’ll try. my entries just aren’t as witty as yours though:( i was laughing so much at that one about the beauty parlour!!

  4. Maryam said

    I wont be surprised If you would have read a review of that book on my blog as I always happen to write about some or the other Novels .. So, … 😉

    But, I am still trying to get my hands on The Boleyn Inheritance , Hows it ?? Did u like it ?

  5. mishy said

    I’ve only seen the film and really liked it (referring to The Other Boleyn Girl), v scandalous! I’m told the book is the same so can’t wait to read it *ahem tomorrow ymiss please*

    Seriously, there’s no need to mention that post/place again. I’ve found a new place near work to go.

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