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Posted by hema on September 1, 2008

sign labs is the latest venture of my favourite blogger iMuslim , so thought i would do some plugging for her:) and also because it is a fantastic inititiave to increase communication with deaf members of our own community, as well as the deaf community as a whole. i first became interested in learning last year when i met my first ever hearing impaired student and realised i was ignorant of even the basic etiquettes of communication (the importance of lip reading, facial expressions etc)

i had the privilege to attend the first ever online class by sign labs yesterday, and it was lots of fun!

here are the promotional videos released by sign labs.

(i can do the finger spelling now! i keep forgetting the numbers though. i think it’s because i am so bad at maths)

ramadan mubarak to all!

the following guide from the NHS might be useful for anyone finding the longer months difficult!



7 Responses to “learn to sign”

  1. Shahrzad said

    Ramadan mubarak to you too Hema. 🙂

  2. 'liya said

    Ramadan mubarak Hema!

  3. Thanks for the link up! You were an excellent student, and helper, masha’Allah.

  4. hfm said

    Ramadhan Mubarak!
    I know there’s not many days left-but for the days that are left..
    Remember me in your duaas sister.

  5. Snowdrops said

    Salaam, and an extremely late Ramadaaan Mubarak. =]

  6. 'liya said

    Hema dear you really need to update, above is my comment from a month ago, and now here I am saying Eid mubarak 😀

    Hope you’re happy and keeping well!

  7. mishymoshy said

    A deaf customer came into work the other day and I was racking my brain trying to remember what the sign for thank you is. I couldn’t remember and felt like such a lemon so I just simpered and mouthed thank you in the most exaggerated way I could. Bet she thought I was right daft 😦

    Update please.

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