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update already!

Posted by hema on October 22, 2008

i remember scrawling through my blogroll and thinking people should just update already or just get rid of their blog and now i have become one of those people. i’m so ashamed!

* I have been dying to write about my new car, just to say it is better than Mishy’s new car, but don’t actually know a lot about cars so that’s all i have to say on that matter!

* here is (a translateion of ) a list of words currently being used by teenagers that i’ve come accross.

bare  Рloads of (as in i have bare work to do)

messy- drunk

skank – dancing

safe blud- i have no idea but seem to to be slotted in every two seconds.

so there you go, now you won’t be confused next time you need to talk to a 16 year old!

* i took my blog off google, so now it will be a lot of cosier, but i hope i have some readers left still!

* remeber this phone?¬† i’ve had it for a over a year now and really love it, but it’s recently started to play up and randomly goes blank, but i don’t want to switch phones i like this one!

* everyone keeps talking about the X Factor, which i’m getting sick of mainly because i don’t watch it. when is The Apprentice back on though? and Waterloo Road?

* i was talking to someone recently about TV, and the way some people think it’s haram and/or won’t have it in the house. My personal view is that it can be harmful to children only if it isn’t controlled properly, and is fine if you watch it in moderation. i only have some programmes that i have to watch. (see above). what;s your view?


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