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beautiful things..

Posted by hema on July 13, 2008

things i’m grateful for..

a positive attitude- i’ve learnt that it’s not what you’ve got or what you haven’t got that makes you happy, its making the most of what you have got instead of always thinking the grass is greener. everyone has problems, it’s your attitude and how you deal with things that count. it’s amazing how the way you think can affect the way you deal with things and react to them.

a job i love- i would hate to get out of bed in the morning and dread going to work. i would hate to have a pointless desk job, doing the same thing every day. no amount of money is worth that. i’ve learnt to stop focusing on all my failings as a teacher and focus on the little things that make it worthwhile, like the teddy one of the students gave me which has become the class mascot(don’t ask actually), or the sweet note i now use as a bookmark:)

simple pleasures- like having a cup of tea and a chat with an old friend, running around and playing tig with a toddler, buying a new outfit, reading in the park in the summer, making up new recipes like coffee flavoured icecream*, waking up at midday simply because you can, the way high heels make you really tall, daydreaming in boring meetings and still looking like you’re absolutely intrigued and last but not least… the Internet:)

*coffee milkshake-

simply blend together milk, vanilla icecream, sugar and coffee. it’s the best way to get your caffeine hit in the middle of summer:)


6 Responses to “beautiful things..”

  1. ymiss said

    yay you did one 🙂 i’m going to try the coffee milkshake! I used to drink coffee when I was teaching but not anymore

  2. iMuslim said

    Coffee icecream already exists m’love! Baskin Robbins do a good job with their Jamoca, or whatever it is called. But I still the sound of yours… yummmmm-eeeee. I love coffee! I haven’t drank any in a while; I like to chill in coffee shops with a friend, and have a good old natter.

  3. mmmm coffee milshake does sound nice for a hot summers day…. something were not going to get by the looks of it…

  4. Faz said

    where has my friend gone? Hello are you there!!!!!

  5. Sumera said

    Awww fab 🙂

  6. Niyaz said

    relly a gud thing!! intresting !

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