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you know how sometimes you think of something really witty to say, but there is noone around to hear it? well, this is a place for you to share anything witty you have said/thought.

i, of course, am not witty at all, so i will just hand this section over to you..


22 Responses to “witty”

  1. Snowdrops said

    Congratulations! you’ve just moved up another level of idiocracy/stupidity 😆

    Ofcourse it wasn’t for you ukhti! *wub* 😀 But feel free to say it to anyone out there you think has done just that^ 😀

  2. Sumera said

    I just text someone when I have a witty remark to make and no-one to tell it to! 😀

  3. hema said

    he he he demoCRAZY he he he
    that on ewas the funny south african guy- i always forget his name.

  4. mishymoshy said

    This isn’t something witty I said but its amazing nonetheless.

    My pencil fell off the desk today and I caught it before it hit the ground. Reflexes like a cat. Meow!

    Ok that not good enough? An answer in an English paper I was looking at (the question was to write an article about the danger of smoking):

    “Smoking also lowers your sperm count so you can say “Asta la vista baby!” – literally!”

    That ones had me laughing for over 24hours.

  5. hema said

    i was waiting for you input on this section mishy, it has your name written all over it. however i’m still not sure wha i think of
    “throw me a lifeline for the ship of fools i’m on will sink”..

  6. Anonymous said

    The word gullible has been taken out of the dictionary as it is now obsolete. It’s true.

  7. ymiss said

    gosh there’s quite afew words going obsolete – i’m sure someone on this blog mentioned vulnrable was going obsolete too. Guess they are words that don’t get used too much

  8. ymiss said

    I just got anonymous’s comment! Was wondirng why that was in the witty section and then it clicked! hema could you please get rid of my very blonde reply to it

  9. hema said

    nah i think i’ll leave it up this time. this is most amusing. i don’t know where “vulnerable” came from anyway “annoymous”.
    ymiss, you are too cute.

    ok, i have one:
    “excuse me this is an A-B conversation, C yourself out of it.
    he he, now i just have to figure out a way to use it without appearing too mean..

  10. Anonymous said

    I was thinking “gullible” but my fingers typed vulnerable for a weird reason that’s why I asked you to get rid of it.

    😀 @ ymiss’ response.

  11. Snowdrops said

    Something that I came up randomly, very similar to the first one I said,

    “all hail the king/queen of the kingdom of idiots”


  12. mishymoshy said

    Oh come on ymiss this is the second time you’ve fallen for it!! I remember doing it to you back in high school. You and the other blonde one both fell for it. Good to see people don’t change 😀

  13. mishymoshy said

    Oh and hema now I’ve part of the blogging world the lifeline quote is more true than ever :p

  14. ymiss said

    Anonymous I guess guillable people are vulnrable. Vulnrable to the this harsh society which mocks guillable people seeing no shame or empathy for what they do

    Hope that’s made some of you feel bad!

  15. hema said

    nope it takes a lot more than that to make us feel bad!

    and i’m not just saying that because of the text message i sent telling you i’ve fallen for this one too! although to be fair on me, i was only half listening when my student tried it, as i had one eye on the student who looked like he was about to turn his work into an areoplane and another who looked suspiciosly like she was going to cry because of boyfriend troubles (again)

    or i could just be making excuses and should just accept my place in the gullible (and vulnerable) group!
    you know there should be more gullible people in this world. people are far far to streetwise ajkal.

  16. listen2hear said

    One thing I used to say when people I didn’t like came into the room that many found witty: “Oh, come on! You’re still alive?! That’s the last time I hire a hitman from the local pennysaver!”

    That’s all I can think of for now:)

  17. mishymoshy said

    *Walking past Primark seeing the “Sale” sigange*

    Thinks to self: If Primark are having a sale does that mean they’re giving the clothes away? Har har har.

    Colleague at work: My mate farted the other day. It sounded like a question mark.
    Us: A question mark?
    CAW: Yeah, the pitch of it went higher at the end *imitates fart sound with a higher pitch at the end, as if if the fart is asking a question*
    Us: Teehee, it really does.

  18. ymiss said

    ewwwww! mishy your so gross! Sometimes I honstly wonder how you became my friend when you have so much more in common with ayaz

  19. hema said

    oh come on ymiss, you must have endured worse than that teaching boys, or is that just teenage boys hhmm.
    mishy, you know your brother stayed on that topic for a whole ten minutes on the radio once…

  20. ymiss said

    Hema – yup I get it all the time from PRETEEN boys not full grown women! But then mishy wouldn’t be mishy without her ability to make you laugh and squirm at the same time

    PS: I’ve lost the passowrd :S

  21. “You’re so dim that you think to make cottage pie, you need a builder.”

    Or something along them lines…

    Courtesy of Ann Robinson on today’s Weakest Link.


  22. mishymoshy said

    Your sister: When I started school I couldn’t speak English
    Me, your nearly neighbour and Alien: Whhaaattttt?
    YS: Yeah of course! There’s plenty of time to learn it. We don’t speak English to my nephew by purpose.
    Alien: And that’s why you don’t speak English to him *ba dum pssssh*

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