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i really want…

Posted by hema on July 15, 2007

but the question is, do i really need?

feel free to tell me it’s ridiculous to spend so much money on a phone/ i deserve it and it’s fine to splash out once in a while (delete as appropriate)
seriously though, if anyone has the phone please let me know what you think of it and if it’s worth it.

that way i can finally get back in touch with all the people that want to get in touch with me – or else i’ll play with the other features seen as noone ever calls me:(

in other news, i finally finished marking all the papers and received some good feedback mashAllah, although i was a bit too strict giving out the top grades. i guess i can be a bit cruel when i want to be:) i might do some extra papers though, it’s been much easier marking online. for one thing, there are no big scary piles of papers in front of you.

it’s very quiet at home because my sisters have gone to stay with my sister in law, who’s very fat heavily pregnant. i couldn’t go because there is no internet connection. not that i can’t live without internet(honest!) i needed it to mark papers.

baba also stayed at home to help with housework, as my mummy had a very small operation on her hands- she’s fine, it’s just supposed to be a new treatment for arthritis and seems to be going well so far, alhamdulillah.

i thought i’d miss my sisters a bit more than i do, but it’s been quite good not being nagged about cleaning my side of the room (which i don’t) hhm actually her side of the room is getting quite messy, i think i need notice before she decides to come home…

ok bas (i’m done). can’t think of anything else to say and i might do that think where i go to bed early for a change(for a holiday)


21 Responses to “i really want…”

  1. Faz said

    yes hema i am alive lol. I told you I was going on holiday. I came back this morning as in 1 am in the morning. I tell you about the holiday when we meet up inshallah. Hema stop being mean and calling your sis in law fat and i have read your pervious posts and I agree with saabirah why on earth do babies not like you ehem ehem I remember what you said once I was quite suprised. Alhamdulillah its great news hearing about your mum. So what have I missed? see you soon inshallah

  2. The dude said

    Hi, nice phone, I wanted to get the same but then I changed my mind in the last minute as it tunrs out that the battery lasts for less than a day 😦 I think this fact outweighs all other (cool) features! I’d rather have somehting working and reliable than something that dies when you need it most. Overall, I would say that it’s a very nice phone. Get it only if you’re a very keen techical savvy person that enjoys having the latest gadgests and gizmos (or if u get loads of free minutes with your new contract)!

    Take care

  3. Sumera said

    My sibling has that phone and loves it to bits!

  4. mishymoshy said

    I want that phone, it has a 5 megapixel camera!! Get it. It should be free on your contract though? If not then just wait till you’re due for an upgrade. Incidentally I’m due for one on the 24th of this month, yay! Can’t gett he N95 though, for my contract its quite expensive and I don’t really need a new phone. Hmph.

  5. hema said

    faz welcome home:) i sent the email demanding to know whether you were still breathing and then realised where you had gone. hey, i didn’t call her fat, that was striked out!(i love wordpress) besides, she can give as good as she gets. everytime i mention it, she reminds me she still weighs less than me even though she’s eight months pregnant(it’s true!). i have no idea which incident or baby you are talking about, but i do not call newborn babies ugly and boring (anymore)
    anyway, what i wanted to say was, did you know this friday’s class is going to be on depression in Islam? it should be good.there are more details on abu eesa’s blog here
    i don’t think i’ll be able to come to the classes for a few weeks though:( don’t want to leave my mum on her own. it is great news about the operation. well see how it goes though. it’s a fairly new treatment. make dua please.

    anyway “my” phone-
    “the dude” -thanks for your comment. i have heard that the battery life is really low, i don’t mind charging it every night but need it to last the day?? to be honest, i doubt i’ll use all the features(or understand them) i just want a new toy to play with and will probably get bored if it soon enough. which phone did yo get instead?

    sumera- i’m glad:) does her battery last her the day??

    mishymosh-you know, i’m not really a picture taking person, it’s the wi-fi that is luring me to this phone. i don’t have a contract at the moment, does noone read my text messages??
    you can use my phone anytime when i get it:)

  6. Ymiss said

    Insha Allah the treatment will out well. I need a new phone mine fell out of my pocket and now the top half of my screen is blurry, so much so that when i get a text i can’t make out the top half. No-one took pity on me and bought me a new phone so i had to reslove the matter myself, I pretend im forwarding the message and the words appear larger and thus i can read. Does get annoying mostly when it saves the ‘forward’ into my drafts folder and takes up all my memory.

    I think you should get the phone and then give it to me

  7. Umm Yusuf said

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sister,

    Doesn’t hurt to treat yourself every once in awhile. 😉

    Alhamdullilah that you finished marking the papers and insh’Allah your mom will feel better soon. I know my mom and grandmother also suffer terribly with arthritis! What type of surgery did she have if you/she doesn’t mind me asking. If it’s private you can email me. 🙂

  8. 'liya said

    I hope your mummy is doing well! I don’t know much about phones but it looks cool (all I know about my phone is how to speak and take pictures lol).

  9. hema said

    ymiss-thank you for the comment about my mum but get your hands off my phone, you have brothers right? get them to buy you one!
    (you can try out the camera for me. what happened to your photography phase anyway?)

    umm yusuf-thanks for the comment-it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself as long as it is only once in a while and not a habit:(:( but i’ve taken on extra papers to make myself suffer if i really want it.
    it’s not private, but i have no idea of the “technical” side of the sugery. my sister looks after all that stuff, and was looking into the best drugs and treatment available so i’ll ask and email you soon, ok.
    i know she had a similar operation on her knees a few years ago and it helped a lot. some of the tablets she has to take have the most horrible side effects:(

    liya-thank you-u.
    i guess teachers really shouldn’t have cool phones, it affects the balance of things or soemthing. i’ll have to hide this one from my students so they don’t feel bad if they have the same one! xx

  10. Saabirah said

    Your sister thinks buying pot noodles is extravagant and denies you it. I think you’re too deprived by your bully (younger) sisters to ever be allowed to splash out and treat yourself so although I probably wouldn’t tell this to anyone else – I think you should buy it if it’s not ridiculously expensive. I think you’re sensible enough.

    Gosh it feels strange to be nice to you… I wouldn’t get used to it hema, like I said before I dislike change hence I won’t stray from familiar territories for long.

  11. Sumera said

    I think the battery lasts him the day and more so! He loves it, cant stop raving about it.

  12. Conflictedworld said

    Saabirah did you say hema is sensible? The girl has 84 broaches and counting. She does not deserve the phone only technical savy people should have phones cool as this one only joking. Hema if you like it buy it, but knowing you will look at the price of the phone and see how many broaches you can buy with it instead and opt for the cheaper phone.

  13. hema said

    saabirah- yes thank you, i will show your comment to my sisters to remind them how much they bully me. baba the guilt police has been following me around telling me to be more responsible with money. she was soon silenced when i reminded her that might mean i shouldn’t spend any more money on her:)
    it feels strange to be nice to you ha ha, i’ve already promised you that you can say anything you like to me and i won’t ever take offence, so go right ahead and stay with familiar territory.

    sumera-i’m relieved about the battery. i had to look back at your comment. i had no idea why i thought you meant your sister!

    cw- i was wondering when someone would bring up the brooches:( i should really give some of those away. i don’t even use most of them. they just look so pretty and sparkly in my box. i’m so greedy. sigh.

  14. Sumera said

    I dont have any sisters :p

  15. Shahrzad said

    “Almost everything a mobile user could wish for, but there are serious problems to note before you buy.
    It isn’t the traditional worker or consumer markets that Nokia is aiming the N95 at – it’s the Web 2.0 generation. Not only is it proficient online, with its web browser, Flash video player and myriad wireless options, but with a 5-megapixel camera and excellent bundled PC software it creates content as well.
    It certainly gives a good first impression. The 2.6in 240 x 320 screen is bright and clear and, although it’s too small for long videos, it’s fine for two-minute shorts: we can see its potential for YouTube when the video site goes mobile later this year. The screen also slides both ways: up to reveal a numeric keypad, down to reveal four media control buttons.

    Flip the phone over and there’s a Carl Zeiss lens. Five megapixels sounds impressive, and compared to most phones the camera offers good quality.

    The good:The Nokia N95 cell phone boasts a 5-megapixel camera that produces good-quality photos and videos. It comes with advanced multimedia capabilities and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Symbian smart phone also features integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and an innovative two-way slider design.

    The bad: The N95 lacks support for U.S. 3G networks; standby battery life is poor; and performance is somewhat sluggish. The hardware feels a bit cheap, and the sliding mechanism could be more secure. It’s also very expensive.”

    Now if you like the phone and you can handle its problems, buy it. Good day with Nokia N95 🙂

  16. hema said

    aaww you did some research for me that’s sweet. i think i’ve read most of those reviews, but i didn’t know youtube was going mobile, that would be cool.
    anyways, my brother is looking on ebay for a cheaper deal so we’ll see.

  17. do you see a pattern…
    -I start blogging, then you start blogging and go all wild with wordpress
    -I do a weemee, then you do a wee-Hema with a changing look every day.
    -I get a ridiculously pimped-out mobile, then you gotta one-up me again.
    Are there some competition or jealousy issues we haven’t resolved?:P

  18. hema said

    ha ha, you know i wouldn’t even try and compete with you, i know i’d lose every time!! maybe we just get on well because we have so much in common:)
    but yep, you’re the one who got me addicted to blogging and that weemee so it’s all your fault! i have it as my email signature and mobile as well!
    i’m going away for a few days to a land with no internet, so the outfit will be the same for a few days:) xx

  19. Saabirah said

    Don’t buy it hema. I just discovered my younger brother’s got the same phone – hehe, I only live with him – and he said it’s not worth. The everyday person doesn’t use all the features so I think it’s be a waste of money for you, even if wasting money isn’t something you usually do (brooches are the exception of course). So I’m gonna have to join your sister on this love.

    Hey you know I’m fickle…

  20. carimuslima said

    LOL cute phone like the screen. Man sorry for being away for this long LOL the girls keeping me busy this summer anyway why not treat urself… the craze here has been that darn iPhone from AT&T it looks awesome but hefty price for sure. Still around chika 😉

  21. caged_bird said

    Ok im going to stay right out of this one. Cos i really dont see the point in fancy fones. Does the fone have txt message facility? Yes.oh and it comes with 5 trillion free txt messages. ok i’ll have that one then please!

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