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because there is only one way to deal with writer’s block..

Posted by hema on July 10, 2008

right, ymiss and i were complaining abouit the rather pathetic state of our blogs and lack of updating, and then we both figured we’d quit complaining and just get on with it! check out hers, she should hopefully be updating right now too if the plan is going right:)

so seeing as this post is for her, i figured i’d start with my views on primary school teaching..

for a teacher who gives out lollipop to her students, pinches their cheeks, plays games in class and puts stickers on their work, it may come as a surprise (even to me) that i have never considered primary school teaching, and probably never will. i think primary school teachers do an amazing job and you’d need a lot of energy and patience. not to mention all that subject knoweldge because you have to teach bits of everything.

but i like the age my kids are at(16-19). i like the fact that they are at an important transistion in their lives, and i can help them through that. and i think these days, children are growing up too fast. i like making them slow down and just be kids for a while.

and besides, one ive given them a bingo chart or let them loose with paint, it feels like im teaching in a primary school!

ok, im done. i think this is enough writing for a comeback post. i hope ymiss hasn’t written more than me! i’m going to do her “things to be thankful for” tag soon!


5 Responses to “because there is only one way to deal with writer’s block..”

  1. ymiss said

    all that for this? Was expecting something longer hem-no-eat-keema! You know after reading some of yours and ‘liya’s posts i’m wondring what it would be like to teach those over 12…

  2. 'liya said

    Finally you update, but I agree with Ymiss, needs to be a BIT longer Hema! 😀

    “one ive given them a bingo chart or let them loose with paint, it feels like im teaching in a primary school” so true haha. I gave out lollipops on the last day and I always put stickers on marked work I give back. And when they laugh they all sound the same no matter what age lol. I’m happy where I am now but I tell myself that when I’m older I’d like to give the primary grades a try… you know, when I have more patience!

  3. mishy said

    hema…you do not eat keema??? why not? it is the second best of the meats (first being chicken of course)

  4. hema said

    stop bullying me:( all the keema nonsense is taking me back to childhood!!lol

    hey liya:) i dont think i ever want to give primary school and doubt i could with the teaching qualification i have anyway. i doubt i could even work in a high school now.hhhm
    i do miss the enthusiasm that 11 year olds have though. and plus you would get to teach the for five years. i only my form class for two years and then they have to move on which is always tough:(

  5. hfm said

    I love teaching little ones!
    I havent got any students at the age that you have, so I can’t say much about that but teaching little 5-7 year olds is such a joy!
    The littlest things get them excited and I sort of get excited too!
    The inner Child within is unleashed!

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