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Posted by hema on May 22, 2008

*i feel a bit shy writing on here, i don’t now why haha it’s been so long, i think i’ve forgotten how. why didn’t it bother me before that just about anyone can read this?

* i’m just going to waffle for a while, so bear with me. hopefully then i can get back to blogging daily almost daily, i have no excuse now, i’m mostly up to date

*i’ve forgotten how to use this thing, the formats changed!

* how about a joke?

what kind of clothes does a house wear?



* i burnt myself with coffee, and then was off coffee for about two weeks, but needed a caffine hit so tried relentless and was going off the walls, i don’t think i like it!

* as you can see, i really have nothing to say! leave me nice comments and tell me what you want me to blog about ok?

13 Responses to “helllooo”

  1. 'liya said

    I’m glad you’re back, was going to email you to see how you’re doing but kept forgeting!

    P.S. I found the house joke funny 😀

  2. Maryam said

    Oh Dear, I am glad you are back. I kept checking back almost daily in here..
    Blog about yourself, your experiences as a teacher, as a Human … Just love to read whatever you write sweety … Alright then, Stay Close and dont go away again … 😉

  3. Samia said

    write what u dont dare to post… :p


  4. hema said

    thanks liya:)
    and i’m glad you found it funny, everyone else has just been groaning at it lol
    thanks maryam:)i’ve missed you too
    samia-that is a dangerous game:) and part of the reason why i jsut stopped in the first place. i think if i do keep blogging, i will try and keep it as light hearted as possible
    as it stands, i have writer’s block or something:( i think i will just stick to commenting on other peoples’ blogs for now

  5. amal said

    HEMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! so glad to have you back , now it is time to see your comments on my blog madam 😛 ;p 😛 , where have you been ? oh coffe is great , coffe is great , with milk that is , so if you spill teh coffe it wont burn 🙂

  6. Samia said

    oh a writers block… thats sound like you caught something awfull 🙂 i do know what yoiu mean tho, had the same not so long ago… performers noia or something, maybe its knowing there are so many reading it…!?! well, you should only keep writing if you feel for it.
    on the other hand, the blogging seems like the only bit i get to follow on your life and thoughts, so i do hope you keep posting once in a while…

  7. ymiss said

    yay your back! blog about what you’ve been up to, are your students sitting exams? Do you get nervouse for them? My RE teacher used to light candles to wish us luck, what have you got planned for the summer? are you finding it hard to wear a hijab during summer? What did you think of the dubai episode of women in black? that’s pretty much all of my draft post ideas that I never managed to finish 🙂 Hope that has given you a blog bug bite

  8. ymiss said

    I’m itching to turn the above into a list…so here’s afew more ideas to blog about.

    1. bank holiday Monday’s
    2. Do carrots really make you see in the dark?
    3. Current obsessions
    4. Review a book (did you read desert royal btw?)
    5. What are you listening to atm?
    6. Something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to
    7. What do you think of primary teaching?
    8. Would you ever consider going into primary teaching?
    9. The best lesson you’ve taught this term
    10. Your favorite bag!

  9. iMuslim said

    Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

    Sorry I haven’t commented earlier… I read the entry, but forgot to comment! Anyway, hope you’re well. Drop me a line of FB when you have time, insha’Allah. 🙂

  10. iMuslim said

    on FB, even.

  11. hema said

    amal- i just commented on your blog :)i’ve been having my coffee with plenty of milk now in case i’m that clumsy again, it tastes gross but caffine is caffine!

    samia-“blogging seems like the only bit i get to follow on your life and thoughts”
    i’ve been waiting for you come online for the last two hours!!! and yesterday at about this time, i think we just go online at different times now:(

    ymiss- thanks lol, i guess i have to do some of them now you’ve gone to the effort. i’ll do book revies, that’s a nice safe topic:)
    as for the rest- yep my students have exam/study leave atm, but they come up sometimes for a lolly and a chat. i didn’t watch the dubai episode of WiB, but it’s the UK next isnt it:)
    and i have the utmost respect for primary teachers, but i would never do it. and i’m not really into bags
    thanks for the ideas, you’ve just reminded me of a book related problem i’ve got, i’ll blog about it now

    iMuslim- apologies in advance for the long, waffly message i’ve just sent you of facebook:)

  12. Umm Yusuf said

    Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Alhamdullilah, glad to see you back! Sorry you burnt yourself w/coffee. Mash’Allah that’s a cool widget (Asma Al Husna)!

  13. Samia said

    inshAllah you are in ease with the situation now, hope there is progress…and NO problems, did u write the letter?

    try to catch u online tomorrow inshAllah…

    kys kys

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