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if i were..

Posted by hema on March 31, 2008

A month: January (new year, fresh start and all that)
A day of the week: Monday (beginning of the working week, lots of energy)

A planet: Mars because it makes me think of chocolate haha

A direction: straight forward (because i like everything to be as simple as possible)

A piece of furniture: a swivel chair. because they’re so fun!

A historical figure:hhmm i don’t know. ghandi? just for the message of peace.

A tree: a pear tree. because they’re pretty and useful.

A bird: a dove- back to the peace again.

A tool: a hammer coz i’m hard. (don’t ask me how that fits in with the peace!)

A kind of weather: snowy- the perfect white kind in the morning before people ruin it and it goes mushy.

A mythical creature: a unicorn. i used to think they were the coolest thing when i was little.

A musical instrument: drums. ( i think that’s the only one i did so far without thinking about!)

An animal: a tiger. pretty

A flower: daffodils. likewise

An element: helium. just because my voice actually sounds like that! lol

A song: i don’t know erm..a spice girls one!

A movie: The Others! i loved the twist

A book: Pride and Prejudice. something you can read again and again and not get bored of.

A food: chocolate! what else?!!

A place: a school. haha.

A material: chiffon. so comfy!

A taste: sugary sweet.

A scent: white musk. i love it.

A religion: i’ll stick with what i am (me too liya!)

A word: peace

An object: high heeled boots:)

A body part: the eyes. you can tell an awful lot about someone through their eyes.

A facial expression: a smile. (we all smile in the same language and all that)

A Time of Day: first thing in the morning, just before the sun rises. (just because i’ve never mastered the art of appreciating that time fully)

that was fun haha. kudos to liya for providing me with something to blog about!

8 Responses to “if i were..”

  1. iMuslim said

    Ah, blogging… I once knew of an activity such as this. But that twas long ago. Long before my brains became at one with the surrounding atmosphere.


  2. Shahrzad said

    high heeled boots? I prefer high heeled strappy sexy shoes! πŸ˜€
    LOL @ hammer and Peace. It means you’re not one dimensional human. πŸ˜›

  3. hema said

    iMuslim (you spelt your name wrong, after i’ve been so careful to di it right after the iPod explanation!)
    you still rule the Muslim blogosphere! lol

    shahrzad-haha yes, but boots are just more practical in the colder months.

  4. iMuslim said

    When did I spell my name wrong?

  5. Al Kauthar said

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  6. Maryam said

    Your voice sounds like Helium … ??? πŸ˜†
    Are you serious ???

  7. 'liya said

    A swivel chair is total coolness. And don’t they just become so much better when you get to sit in one and twirl around and lean back comfortably while your 20+ students sit opposite you in un-swivelly chairs πŸ˜€

    Glad you had fun with this!

  8. Saabirah said

    Shouldn’t that be “If I WAS…”?

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