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Posted by hema on March 24, 2008

 Ummah Films
Always entertaining, the videos from ummah films (check my blogroll) are slightly disturbing with how true they are. this one is called the haram police. i thought i’d substitute it for the rather emotional piece i wrote on said topic, and was too gutless to publish!

i love the fajr story.

“the truly pious are those that consider the best in everyone, while they consider themselves the worst”

Nicole Queen 

we all like to hear revert stories, but i especially likes the sincerity shown in this one.  This video was number one when you typed ISLAM into youtube at one point. i  had a little chat with her on myspace once and she really  is as sweet as she seems!

i espeically liked the way she came to Islam herself without any other person involved

what teacher makes

i’m not really a fan of of slam poetry, but yep,what he said!

love the calling the parents bit:

‘leave the kid alone. i still cry sometimes don’t you?’and it was the nobelest act of courage that i had ever seen.

Suhaib Webb 

always  inspiring to listen to (check my blogroll for his blog)

some interesting comments about the link between hiphop culture and Islam..

another day

this, i can’t stop listening to:

it puts priorities into perspective

Michelle in the well 

and finally, i feel sorry for poor michelle

which is why you should give people the benefit of the doubt.i never thought i’d be taking moral lessons from a jaffa cake advert!


3 Responses to “videos i like”

  1. Maryam said

    The first video is nice and funny, I couldnt agree with Him …….. 😉

  2. Maryam said

    The first video is nice and funny, I couldnt agree more with Him …… 😉

  3. amal said

    Lol cool videos , like teh conversion story .

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