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Posted by hema on March 16, 2008

i’ve never been much of a shoes person. at school, having the “right” shoes was simply a must. shoes (and bags) were scrutinised very carefully, probably because they were the only things that weren’t part of the uniform. even then, i’d buy the latest shoes without much interest.

even after school, i found shopping for shoes a hassle. after all, i never really notice what someone has on their feet, so i assumed noone else did either. i owned one pair of black boots and one pair of low heeled sensible sandals to go with my asian outfits.

but now i’m beginning to take a bit more of an an interest, although i still wouldn’t call myself a shoe fanatic! here are so of the advantages and disadvantages to the footwear i own..

ankle-boots.jpg i have my sensible ankle length boots for every day wear, especially if i know i need to do a lot of walking- i simply cannot stand having sore feet. i don’t know how some women do it! these are so comfy and convenient to wear.

pumps.jpgbut i love my pumps even more. they are so easy to slip on and off but they don’t work in autumn/winter. i would know because i ‘ve been stupid enough to try it and ended up with wet feet!

riding-boots.jpg riding boots are perfect for winter because they are sooo warm and comfy and i’ve found these one slip on and off quite easily.they are also perfect for wearing underneath long skirts/abayas

stetch-boots.jpg i bought these because i’m going through a heel phase, but don’t really feel comfortable wearing them. they make me walk all wrong and take forever to take off, which is annoying if you have to take them off during the day.

high-heeled-shoes.jpgi bought these and then returned them because there would be no way i could walk in them so wouldn’t get much use out of them. i just really need a pair of high heeled shows though, it would be so much more convenient if i was taller than some of the six foot boys.

silver-shoes.jpgand finally, i don’t actually have these, but i’m debating whether to get them, they’re so pretty. the only time i really dress up though is to go to all girl parities, which are usually at someone’s house so i take my shoes off anyway. i have a similar pair to these in black though, and i just like looking at them, so i might just get them to do that!

whilst we’re on the subject of fashion, i need a new coat. i’ve been freezing to death all winter because i’m so picky when it comes to coats. i wanted a tan one, and they’re just nowhere to be seen. i found this one from Next coat.jpgbut it didn’t suit me when i tried it on:( i’ve been making do with cardigans and blazers instead. i love the blazers from Principles, they help me to feel all grown up and look my age:) i might get this one.


i have to shop in the petite section for some bizarre reason, but usually get it two sizes too big (any bigger and the sleeves are too big!)


i also like these drape cardigans from Oasis. i have this in brown but might get this one too

as you can see i wear mainly black.browns and greys. i’m boring like that!but i do like adding some colour through bandanas and brooches. and i’ve just discovered two new blogs i like the look of.. which i now can’t seem to link to for some reason:( i’ve added them to my blogroll, check them out)


21 Responses to “my shoes”

  1. iMuslim said

    “i owned one pair of black boots and one pair of low heeled sensible sandals to go with my asian outfits.”

    OMG… you just described me! πŸ˜›

  2. iMuslim said

    Well… I do have more than one pair of “fashionable” shoes. But my black/tan boots are a staple part of my daily outfit!

  3. 'liya said

    My dear Hema, I have GOT to take you shopping! A girl can never have enough shoes (and there’s plenty of nice looking ones that don’t hurt, you just need an expert shopper to point you in the right direction) πŸ˜€

  4. hema said

    iMuslim- is so cute:) i love my boots at the moment. i don’t have a tan pair. it would go well with my imaginary coat though.

    liya- careful, you might regret saying that. i hate going shoe shopping, and end up sitting down moodily and waiting for my friends to finish!
    i think new shoes in general hurt for a while until you get used to them, which is why i prefer my old ones. i’m very precious about my feet, the look after me all day so i hate making them suffet!

  5. Maryam said

    I am a HUGE fan of pump shoes, I ca anytime loose my fortune on them, I absolutely love them.
    The last sandal, on which you are still debating, is a nightmare for me. I cannot walk on heels atall, and that heel does give me some fear….. πŸ˜‰

  6. Shahrzad said

    From your shoes, i liked that one you dont have yet. The last foto, That sexy one! πŸ˜€

  7. Samia said

    for anyone considering taking her for shoe-shopping.. DOOOOON’T, she takes foreveeeeeeeeer πŸ™‚ sorry hema, but you do.. remember last year πŸ™‚ i ended up choosing a pair for you πŸ™‚
    the last pair of shoes in your post, are to die for… and really a girl can NEVER have to many pair of shoes or bags.. kind of like your broche fetish or did you finally let it go?!

  8. Sumera said

    I have too many shoes. Γ’ne of everything :p

  9. Umm Yusuf said

    Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    I think it’s a consensus. I love the last ones too!!!!

  10. amal said

    ”i owned one pair of black boots and one pair of low heeled sensible sandals to go with my asian outfits”

    that is just like me ! i have never been a shoe person and never understood what people were on about when it came to shoes . That is not to say I don’t like shoes , I just dont see the point in having so many pair , I dont go partying often so whats the point ? however I do like boots , but if I bouaght one nice pair , I don’t go out and buy another just dont see the point .

  11. AnonyMouse said

    You’re just like me!
    Up until last year, my shoe collection consisted of a pair of runners, two pairs of sandals (for summer), and a pair of metalllic maroon chunky shoes that I wore as “dressy” shoes.

    Then we moved to the same city that my aunt lives in, and after literally dragging me through every shoe store in the 3 malls that we have, my collection blossomed: I now have a pair of black boots (LOVE LOVE LOVE them!), two more dressy sandals, one dressy flat, one casual flat/pump, and a cute kitten-heel dress shoe!

  12. Saabirah said

    What a sickeningly girly post! Shoes?!?! Urgh. How could you? 😦

  13. mishymoshy said

    I absolutely love shoes but I never buy/wear them, I’m too comfy in my converse. Loving those high heeled black ones though, you should have kept them! I saw the silver ones in faith yesterday, absolutely gorgeous,you should def get. I need some silver sandals actually… Like the blazer from Principles too, buy buy buy!

  14. […] 26 03 2008 Curse hema and her blog. I haven’t been involved in the blog world recently and so decided to catch up […]

  15. hema said

    shahrzad and umm yousuf- i feel like i should be given commission for the faith sandals! they’re over Β£60 though, i cant justify buying them in the middle of winter when it’s snowing! maybe if they’re still there in the summer.

    maryam- i can’t walk in them either! i seriosuly can’t. the heels get stuck in the holes in the pavement for one thing, it’s so annoying!

    samiaaaa- a confession: when i came home with them boots i told my mum i didn’t really liek them but didnt know the girls i was shopping with well enough to tell them. and then ended up falling in love with them. theyh really need throwing out now, i haven’t work anythign else all year but i can’t bring myself to do it!
    i’m soooo sick of brooches now.

    amal- i was going to agree with you but then i’ve been wanting some tan boots ever since iMuslim mentioned them!

    annoymouse- cool, good for you. i like the idea of marron chunky shoes!

    saabirah-What a sickeningly girly post that would have had more weight if your blog wasn’t girly pink!

    if i let you borrow the faith shoes, will you stop cursing my blog:( i’m size seven though!!

  16. mishymoshy said

    I take it the last comment is for me? If so I re-name you platypus girl. You got huuuggeeeee feet woman! If it wasn’t aimed at me, well, I still name you platypus girl.

  17. mcpagal said

    You have nice taste in shoes πŸ™‚

    I used to be like ‘whatever, shoes are shoes’ and wear big stompy boots everywhere. I still kinda have a thing for boots, but I just recently started liking heels – more to look at than to wear, but there’s something about wearing smart heels that makes you feel more… professional? I dunno. I just appreciate anything that helps me look more authoratitive in front of my patients πŸ˜›

  18. hema said

    mishy- to borrow a phrase from on eof my students- “am i bovered!”
    i was actually more insulted by your text message saying i must be size three!
    did you eat all the shepard’s pie? there’s none left!

    Mcpagal- You have nice taste in shoes aaww thnk you:)
    ….that makes you feel more… professional? i know what you mean! although i think with dentists, those instruments they carry aroudn should make them feel powerful enough!

  19. amal said

    hema go out and get a pai of funky cowboy boots ! That is the pair I own now , their so cooooool and they keep you warm and cover your legs well from the rain !

  20. Anonymous said

    Hema: saabirah-What a sickeningly girly post that would have had more weight if your blog wasn’t girly pink!

    Touche… πŸ˜€

    I like pink but I really don’t get the obsession over SHOES. They go on your feet, not your head, they touch stuff you’d feel icky to touch with your hands… why do women give them honour they don’t deserve? I challenge you to write an ode to shoes – I challenge you to find enough poetic words to magnify their worth.

  21. Anonymous said

    ^^ That was my post by the way.

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