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moaning a lot

Posted by hema on March 9, 2008

i’ve been looking through this blog of mine and thinking back to the days when i used to post everyday. i used to love it, i want to go back to doing that. i’m wondering where i found the time! i was thinking about just taking a break for a while, but then i thoght i should stop being lazy and post something at least once a week. so, sunday shall be be my blogging day. and today’s post is just going to be me moaning a lot to get it out of my system. don’t say you weren’t warned!

*i’m sick of how much marking i have to do. i don’t mind my own marking, i’ve always been good at managing that (ok, not good but at least ok) but i now have extra marking to do because of the teacher that’s off sick(ok, that’s not his fault, but i don’t feel like being logical) the one that retired half way trough the year (that’s definitely his fault, i hate it when people do that just so they can get paid during the summer, it’s not fair on the students) and then the one who quit just because the students through paper at her(it’s not as if paper hurts. they’re just annoyed because they’ve had three different teachers in the past three months). there’s a new teacher now, but i don’t trust new teachers anymore. i’m going to mark the work myself so at least that gets done. but there’s so much!!

*my neck hurts. i slept wrong a week ago and it’s just not got better since then. stupid neck.

* erm.. aww i thought i had lots more to moan about than this, i was looking forward to it! oh well, it’s a bit self indulgent anyway!

8 Responses to “moaning a lot”

  1. Maryam said

    Oh Sweety, You will be fine, Trust me.

    When i was teaching back in India, It was the same with me. But, After all the hard-work we do, the satisfaction we obtain makes its all worth, Doesnt it ??

    These days will be gone too, and then you shall sit back and laugh at these memories ….. 😉

    Have fun, And yeah – Take care

  2. hema said

    i’m not sure it will be worth it at the moment, they’re stressing me out. im sure i was never that moody:(
    you worked in India? that sounds interesting.

    i find something else to complain about. i have a sore throat and can’t talk. i told my first class i couldn’t talk so to get on with the worksheet, but then ended up waffling on anyway, so now it hurts even more. i’m now drinking hot vimto though, so im hoping i will feel better. is anyone sick of me complaining yet?

  3. 'liya said

    How about getting a university student who wants to become a teacher, volunteer and mark the work? They’re looking for experience and you need someone with a brain who cares enough to do a good job marking.

    Last year another teacher hired me to do some of his marking and I only agreed because of the extra pay – but it killed me, on top of my own it was just too much and after awhile I just couldn’t do it anymore. I know how you feel, make sure you give yourself time (to blog) to relax.

    The teacher is using a university student this year (free of charge) at my suggestion 😀

  4. Saabirah said

    Careful love, ppl might start thinking you’re not in love with your job anymore. :-O


  5. amal said

    lol hema you crack me up , thats true sometimes I

  6. amal said

    I dont feel like being logical my self .

  7. hema said

    liya- it’s definitely a good idea to get student teacher’s marking as much as possible. i t5hink it’s one thing that is seriosily lacking in teacher training. there is too much focus on discipline issues- which you will pick up with experience anyway. and marking is oen thing that gets overlooked.
    i just think the students had been messed around a bit too much and wanted to do it myself. i’m nearly done so i’m happier.

    saabirah- i always said i hated the paperwork aspect of my job. so much of it pointless stress.

    amal- hey amal:) don’t worry i feel a lot better now so i’ll let you have your turn for being illogical:)

  8. Jonah said

    Two words: peer marking.

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