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embarrassing phone incidents

Posted by hema on February 22, 2008

My boss’s phone rang today during a meeting. she’s just one of those people that never put a foot wrong, so it was hard not to smile as she looked a but flustered and tried to switch it off and ending up playing a dubious sounding song instead.

i did feel a bit bad for her though, while i was enjoying the show. it reminded me of when i forgot to switch off my phone whilst invigilating an exam, back when i was a student…

i was standing at the back of the room when it happened. i gave everyone disapproving looks along with the other invigilators. one of them walked towards the bags and pulled out an unmistakable bright pink phone which i was stupid enough to be showing off earlier in the day. oops.

and to make matters worse, i couldn’t switch it off and forgot how to put it on silent, what with the pressure of 100 plus eyes glaring at you whilst trying to finish their exam, so i had to keep fiddling about with the buttons until i got it.

i wouldn’t mind so much, but afterwards when the students complained, they said i was texting! they could have gotten their facts right!

luckily, my boss was quite understanding about the whole thing. although i did have to hand in my phone before i went into the exam hall after that:(

have you had any embarrassing mobile phone incidents?

10 Responses to “embarrassing phone incidents”

  1. Shahrzad said

    lol, yes i had one. We had a meeting(news conference) with previous president in Iran, and they said we must switch off the phone. I never do it. Impossible. I just put on silent always. But that time i needed to ask some questions for president’s interview and i was abit stressed. So i forgot to swich it off. Guess what? It rang right when i was asking the question by microphone and whole salon got silent for a while by ringing. I was going to die then!! I had chance that my bag was not with me, so a coworker there took my mobile and switched it off :-S

    Anyway, in Iran it’s not allowed that students bring mobile on exams. Even bags are banned. They just have to take a pen or pencil. Bcs students usually cheat teachers.
    They ask somebody outside the exam hall to open the book and send answers via SMS to them!!
    Technology+Irani brain.. πŸ˜€

  2. Maryam said

    Yup !

    I was in my XII standard and we werent allowed to carry cell phones, but i had one and always took it with me to my classes in my bag. Once in Physics class, the other section was also shuffled with us and we were sitting tightly packed as the room wasnt big enough to accomodate two classes at a time. And then my cell phone started vibrating, I forgot to turn off the vibration mode, and the gir sitting beside me, near whom my bag was tucked, kept starring at me and began asking me about what i have in my bag. I made all the possible excuses and really made her crazy with my words.

    That was very embarrassing for me ……….. πŸ˜€

  3. hema said

    shahrzad- ok, you win that’s a lot more embarrasing!
    i wish students weren’t allowed to bring phones into the exam! they hate leaving them in their bags in case they get stolen, so we have to look after about 50 at the front desk.

    Maryam- i didn’t realise you were american!
    she was probably worried you had something alive in your bag haha

  4. Saima said

    My husband and sis in law thought it would be funny to change my phone ringtone to the “Rocky” theme tune (they’d hum it each time I came down in my dressing gown – a beautiful maroon velvet one with a hood – and called me a boxer). I stupidly forgot to put it on silent once surgery started and it rang whilst I was with a patient. Cue much rummaging about in my bag, and I managed to press the wrong button and started the mp3 player going (Hassan Rasool’s Salawat track where he really prolongs the “Allahummaaaaaaaaaa”) before i finally managed to switch it off. Luckily the patient saw the funny side of it πŸ™‚

  5. Sumera said

    I get embarassed if my phone goes off when in the bathroom!

  6. hema said

    mishy stop being mean to your sister in law!! or else you’ll have me to deal with. yeh. (or something)

    sumera- i was going to ask why you would have a phone in the bathroom, but never mind. i think it would be better if you didn’t answer that question!!

    did anyone feel the eathquake last night!!i was too scared to go back to bed:(

  7. mishymoshy said

    Buh-buh-but its fuuunnnn.

    Come on, altogether now: Da da deeerrrr.
    Da da deeerrrr.
    Da na na nerr nerr.
    Da na na nerr nerrr…NERRR NERRRR!!!!!

    The earthquake rocked…literally.

  8. Sumera said

    lol hema. I was meant to say when it goes off at work! I take my bag into the bathroom sometimes because I need access to a few things *AHEM* and usually in the cubicle it has been known to go off! Arghhhhhhhh. So annoying.

  9. AnonyMouse said

    I don’t have a cell phone, and generally dislike talking on the phone… but embarassing moments on the phone include mistaking my 9 year old brother in law for my mother in law! EEEK!

  10. hema said

    mishy- in case i dont say it often enough, you’re crazy. i was so petrified!

    sumi- thanks for that clarification!

    annoymouse-aaaww poor you. im not quite sure how you managed to do that! i hate talking on the phone atm too, i think im annoying everyone by not answering my phone:(

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