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Maryam’s tag

Posted by hema on February 16, 2008

book meme! books.jpg

As it’s holidays, and also because i’m just not normal, i’m reading about 6 books at the moment, that way if i get bored of one, i just switch.

One of them being Gone with the Wind, kindly donated to me by a certain gorgeous lady.

i actually haven’t read up to page 123 yet, so i hope this doesn’t ruin the story for me..

here are the rules.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)2. Open the book to page 123

3. Find the 5th Sentence.

4. Post the next 3 sentences

5. Tag 5 people


“They’ll hear you all over the house!”

Honey lowered her voice but went on.

“well, you saw how she was carrying on with any man she could get hold of- even Mr. Kennedy, and he’s her own sister’s beau.”

hhm sounds…….interesting..

some others i’m reading at the moment:

spot-the-dog.jpg Remember these!!! i came accross it in W.H Smith the other day, and it brought back memories of learnign to read. i was going to give it to my three year old baby cousin, but he didn’t seem to impressed with it to be honest. He just added it to his growing pile of books. i think i should stop buying him “educational” presents, and just buy him ordinary ones. kids toys are just the best though! they are so immaginative, i could spend hours in the ELC.

the-lovely-bones.jpgOne of my students came to see me last week and suggested we have a reading club (starting with this book) and meet once a week to discuss avbook of their choice. isn’t that great? she reminds me of Hermoine, she’s so cute. (i think i should stop saying that to her though). i miss her :(when can i go back to work again?

teachers-toolkit.jpgi know it’s not fiction, but I love this book. it’s my second favourite book for teaching. i pick up a new idea from it everytime i read it.

surfacing.jpg just reading this to see if i want to add it to the syllabus next year. i don’t. and i usually really like Margaret Atwood’s books. there is nothing in here that i think the students can relate to though.

has anyone got any books they would recommend??

Now for tagging. this is quite hard, as most people seem to already have done it.

i definitely need to tag Ymiss, partly because i want to see what book she’s reading at the monent, and partly because i want to ask her who has the Saudi Arabain Princess book, i want to read it 🙂

American Bedu, seems like someone who likes to read a lot.

snowdrops– likewise.

i really can’t think! will come back to it.

15 Responses to “Maryam’s tag”

  1. Shahrzad said

    I almost read all Atwood books. I adore Scarlet in Gone with the wind. I want to name my future daughter as Scarlet 😀

  2. hmm can’t wait for some more ‘gone with the wind’ discussion!

  3. samiabahri said

    the saudi princess book is great.. think there is 3 books in total…’the princess’, ‘daughters of the princess’ and i forgot the name of the last one…something about her fights. not sure its the same titels in english… but you should read them. there is also one about the marroccan royal family, or a story about a family close to them, prisoned in the dessert for more than 25 years, a mother and her 5 children…. in danish its called ‘the escape’ it came out some years ago, and is authentic… you ought to find that one, its amazing and horrible all in one 🙂

  4. hema said

    shahrzad- have you read the Blind Assassin? i keep using the opening of that to teach creative writing
    “ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge”
    i was a bit upset when Luara dies, even though i knew it was going to happen. she is one of my favourite fictional characters.

    umm Maymoonah! i see she’s convinced you to read it too.
    congratulations by the way. what’s her name??!!

    samia- ok, im definitely getting that book now. i can’t find i anywhere, but i’ll look on the internet. x

  5. 'liya said

    I have Lovely Bones on my shelf but haven’t started it yet. Just finished reading People of the Book and loved it – a bit Da Vinci Code-like (but kinda better). Lately I’ve just been obsessively reading book after book and I think I’m creeping my students and V out 😀

  6. Maryam said

    I have been reading the book Gone with the wind lately too. I liked that book till now and will give you my review once i finish it,inshallah.

  7. mishymoshy said

    I’ve read the Lovely Bones. It’s OK, a bit over-rated I thought but a unique idea. Peter Jackson (Mr Lord of the Rings) is directing the film adaptation. Woo.

  8. erm – i’m the Scarlett fan that convinced her! I read it at 15 and 10 years later – last year and its still my favorite all time novel!

    No names yet….

  9. ymiss said

    Oh my!! I’m of to a creative day soon came online to print of directions and thought i’d check blogs whilst i waited. I have afew books u HAVE to read. one of them is my new kite runner…i’m trying to get everyone I know to read it. the best bit u dont have to buy it or search in the library for it u can just take it from me. Will blog a review on it later

  10. ah me, so many books so little time, i have a reading list as long as me (both for uni as well as non educational)..i rememember reading Gone with the wind when we were on holiday in America. During the last week of our stay the weather was rubbish so we just stayed at home (we were staying at my cousins) i found Gone with the wind on the bookshelf and became immersed in it. It’s the perfect read for a rainy day in a big armchair…

  11. Saabirah said

    Hema we have to meet up for a coffee and talk about the book! Thanks for saying I’m gorgeous, the cheque’s in the post luv ;-.

  12. umm M said

    The coffee’s on me if you decide to stop at mine for it – and to chat about the book!

  13. samiabahri said

    the kite runner.. a must read… and the film- excellent.

  14. hema said

    Ymiss- hey you didn’t leave the name of the book. and i like to buy my own books,im too scared of ruinin other people’s!

    JTM and Saabirah- right, i’ve left my marking at the office, im going to finish this book this week. i’m excited now!

    umm Maymoonah- i like Aaliyah, zainab and Aisha. or just go with Nusaibah, you wanted it for Maymoonah..

    samia- have read it! we’ll discuss it next time

  15. umm m said

    jazakAllah khair love but my stepdaughters already have those names….

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