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anyone for cake?

Posted by hema on January 21, 2008


My sister chocolate cake is my favourite thing in the whole world. i was going to put up the recipe but it’s too compicated, and i tried to make it but it didn’t look like that:(

if you’re super nice to her like i’m planning to  be, she might make it for you!

chocolate and cake is the best combination in the world. with coffee.


13 Responses to “anyone for cake?”

  1. Sumera said

    Looks yum! My cakes also never come out right :p

  2. Maryam said

    Oh ! I absolutely love cakes ……….. 🙂

    I was planning to bake a cake since a very long time, But i am not finding a good and simple recipe.
    I usually make loafs, instead of cake.

    P.S : Can i have a bite please ???

  3. samiabahri said

    promiss me your sisters cake, and i’ll defently come..what a sight… i agree, cake and chocolate, truely the best combination… in malta they had the best i’ve yet to taste and i would go there again, alone to have that cake…

  4. samiabahri said

    by the way.. how did it go with your students that thursday… was the msn talk of any use to them?

  5. mishymoshy said

    I wanted to make the pic bigger so I could lick my screen but alas, my efforts were to no avail.

    Mmm. Cake. Yum.

  6. iMuslim said

    Anyone for cake?



  7. ymiss said

    YUM!! is the sister who made this also the one who is fast becoming the love of my life….? She has trival intelligence…

  8. hema said

    sumera and maryam- sticking to simple recipes is key to me too. baking is just no my thing!
    and sure Maryam, help yourself. cyber cakes are the best because you don’t put weight either.
    samia-sure:) and i bet this caker is better than any in Malta!
    don’t ask about my students at the moment, my whole tutor group is stressing me out:(:(
    iMuslim-i guess you’re going to have to tour the whole of London just to find the food you want;)
    Ymiss-are you kidding me. trivial intelligence NEVER cooks. i think she may have forgotten how. and i know she doesn’t read this, but that was supposed to be a hint- tell her ok?
    it was the other medic.

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm yummmyyy….

  10. saabirah said

    I’m waiting for an invite so I can give you the privilege of serving me some lovely cakes. And throw in some other culinary delights if you feel like it. 😉

  11. Sumera said

    I can make a sponge cake if that counts :p

  12. Guess what hema ! I know how to make chocolate cake ! , I have not made it in a while but alhamdullah it comes out good mashallah , thats what crafty people like me are good at .
    if you lived round teh corner from me you would get a chocolate cake for free , no one has to be nice to me to get a slice of cake !

  13. hema said

    jtm-i’m sure your cake is just as yummy. I’m on my phone (can’t sleep!) but will come back and link to it saabirah-anytime! Sumera-sure as long as it has pink icing on it benovelence85…amal? I recognise your super friendly style? Let me know if your keeping this blog or the other one,or both i’ll change it on my blogroll x

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