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new year, new me

Posted by hema on January 3, 2008

with just a few days left until the start of the Islamic new year, i thought now would be a good time to reflect on all  a couple of the new changes i’ve been making. 

first of all, there is the new tidier me! i have a new bedroom now, so i can start from scratch instead of not even wanting to touch the draws crammed full of so much stuff i can’t even open them(btw i didn’t spend any money in the sales. i realised i just had too much stuff as it is and should get rid of some of that first. i do need a new coat though. especially as it was snowing for a bit today, did anyone notice!). i’m also going to put everything away as soon as i get home instead of dumping it all on my bed, and then dumping it all on the floor when i go to bed:)

and i also tidied my desk at work, and one of the students said she was going to monitor it for me to make sure it doesn’t get so messy that files fall on my head(again). i will file handouts as soon as i’m done with them, and will not dump extra handouts on my desk after a lesson until there’s so much paper i have to go use someone else’s desk to do my marking.

next thing i need to do is make bread.  after  following my sister around the house for a few days, begging her to make these light fluffy rolls she makes, i decided to just take her recipe book and have a go myself. excpet yesterday’s were a bit hard. actually, they were like rocks. but my family being my family ate them anyway:) but i’m not one to give up. i’m going to keep trying. i think i left them in the oven a bit too long. let’s just hope i don’t give anyone a stomache ache!

oh and the rainbow colours are just because i have to go mark after this, and i’m trying to avoid working

13 Responses to “new year, new me”

  1. Maryam said

    Perfect mashallah.

    I hope you maintain these newly developed habits of yours for a longer time …………… 🙂

    Dont give up trying Hema, you will succeed someday.

  2. ymiss said

    I’m getting more organised too! Hope we both keep it up. gonna try blog it all 🙂

  3. hema said

    thanks maryam:)
    i’ve just read your latest blog entry ymiss, haha you’re brave. can’t wait for the bag one, i never know where to put my bags:(

  4. 'liya said

    Ah organization… how we all dream of that! No more shoving papers under a mat 😀

  5. amal said

    Hema hun wonderful !
    I had the SAME problem with bread , but now alahmdullah my naan bread comes second nature heres a few tips you can try

    – you could always buy a kneader their not expensive at all , now its the sales have a look around

    – put the dough in the fridge for about ten mins after it has risen , it makes the dough soft I have no idea why that is

    – keep the kitchen warm ! if your using your hands knead and knead and knead for like ten minutes ! to 15 mins ,a killer i know , youll have skinny fingers when your done 😛

  6. mmmm home made bread , i love it..but hardly make it, you know i can’t stand white bread from the shops i have to have brown bread but home made white bread is one of the best things ever!…


    Salaam Alaikum Hema :),

    I wish you all the best with your New Year’s resolutions.Go girl,go girl!!!

    Oh by the way,in Slovenia we say:The more languages you speak,the more value you have!I think you know what I am refering to :)))!

  8. Asalaamu alikum,

    Thank you for sharing this colourful post.

    I wanted to say that at Don’t be sad there is a series called New Year reflections which I think you will enjoy. Please do come by- you are most welcome.

    May the new year bring with it peace isha’allah

    Don’t be sad

  9. samiabahri said

    hmm, im feeling ignored… did you not get my message on msn?!

  10. hema said

    thanks amal, your tips are always helpful!
    liya- ok, i’ve never shoved papers under a mat, but it is so much cleaner when it’s out of sight!
    jtm- i hate white bread too. had to have it this morning:(
    thanks natasha- i’ll add slovenian(?) to the list of languages i want to learn.
    dontbesad- i’m actually quite happy today:) i like the random acts of kindness part of your blog.
    don#t feel sad samia:( smile:) i got it, but later on- i wasn’t online at the time. wanted to talk to you instead of leaving a message.

    i got up super early today! but only because i was excited about the first day back. hope it lasts. it’s so cold! and it’s not snowing:(

  11. mishymoshy said

    I love Warburtons white bread and Hovis wholemeal. They rock in equal amounts.

    I had a v strange dream about you and your family the other day. It was really weird.

  12. Gry said

    Hello you honey

    I gave up reading it all, it irritated my eyes lol
    Happy new year, shall we start our lessons soon and give our selfdicipline a boost, i could really need one.
    How are you by the way, i miss you. You still haven’t emailed your new number and i actually thought about calling you. So im also avoiding writing on one of my finals as i said my selfdicipline; BAAAAADD…
    Jeg savner dig!
    Kys kys

  13. hema said

    MISHY, you freak me out sometimes. i know you can’t help it, but please stop dreaming about me.
    sorry Gry, i’ll stop writing in funny colours from now on, and email you the number soon. thought you ahd it. kys x

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