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Posted by hema on December 30, 2007

i spent the fist few days moping around, missing work and feeling very bored,  but then managed to catch up with friends i hadn’t seen for months. one of them had a baby two months ago. didn’t even realise it had been that long. luckily she’s not the type to hold a grudge, which is why i love her! she even said “it’s ok you don’t have to say anythign about the baby, i know you don’t like them.” now, if only everyone was that considerate.

then went shopping with some cousins/family friends. small tip: stay fa—r away from the Next sales on boxing day.  some of those shoppers are crazy, crazy people. and i learnt the art of multi tasking. actually, i learnt i have no idea how to shop and push a pram at the same time. when you turn to look at the clothes, the little darling, have grabbed onto something or someone. and once, she even escpaed from the chair. now, that is one cute kid at a cute age. she can even say my name! anyway, if you don’t have kids yet, spend as much as you possibly can beforehand, because you don’t get a chance afterwards. i didn’t buy a single thing!

4 Responses to “holidays”

  1. samia said

    lol 🙂 thank you for the comment on facebook, didn’t realise you still want me to raise your future-far-away kids (sorry for even saying the word, lol) happy new year darling, i hope to see you again, soon.. in this new year insha’Allah 🙂
    love u, miss u.
    sam xx

  2. Maryam said

    Lol …… !!!!

    Yup …. Even I suggest everyone to be very far away from Boxing day crowd, but you dont wanna miss the amazing deals, right ?? Sit on internet for the same time you were planning to visit a store packed with people who wouldnt think before crushing you …… 🙂

    Shopping with kids can me almost impossible Hema, Good luck for the future shopping plans.

  3. 'liya said

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!


  4. hema said

    samia- of course i still mean it, you didn’t think i’d forget did you!

    maryam- you know i like to look on the internet to get an idea of what’s in the stores, but i still prefer to go in and have a proper look and try things on etc

    thanks liya, hope you enjoy the last few days of the holidays! college is finally open tomorrow so i’m gonna go in!

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