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a trip down memory lane

Posted by hema on December 17, 2007

5 childhood memories

tagged by the cute cute cute iMuslim

1. earliest vivid memory is getting lost in blackpool when i was 6. my older cousins were supposed to be looking after me but told me to wait in one place and they would bring me back an icecream. but i got impatient and decided to go buy icecream myself. i got to the stall ok, and then discovered you can’t buy icecream with 2p. i think he gave me one anyway haha. after that i realised i couldn’t find my way back so stared crying. this kind lady found me and took me back to her stall. when my dad found me, i was happily munching away on white chocolate mice and didn’t want to leave.

2.  first crush was on erm.. superman when i was about ten. i actually decided i wanted to marry superman because then i would be all safe and we could go flying for fun.

3.  first time i felt my heart would break was when my friend Samantha moved away. we were inseparable in reception class and did everything together. i even taught her the arabic alphabet and she refused to eat pork at dinner too. i used to cry myself to sleep everyday when she left. we promised to write as soon as learnt how. i should search her on facebook, but i can’t remeber her surname

4. when i was about nine  my mum was pregnant with my little brother. all the old women kept telling me to pray for a boy because i had “so many” sisters and only one brother to look after me. i said i wanted another sister to play with because my brother beat me up all the time and my sisters were more fun. i didn’t understand why people thought boys were better and still don’t!

5.  when i was about 14 my mum went to haj with my youngest brother. my dad was at home but it was my job to look after my younger sisters and get them ready for school in the morning. i thought i was all grown up and doing a really good job, but when my mum came back  the little brats starting crying saying i made them do all the chores and didn’t look after them properly. it didn’t help that they had nits and i hadn’t even noticed.

who shall i tag.. hhm

the knowledgeable american bedu

the beautiful amal

and the super sweet maryam  

9 Responses to “a trip down memory lane”

  1. mishymoshy said

    Awww I love your first one, tried to buy an ice-cream with 2p! Hehe. My earliest memory is burning my bum on the radiator after getting out the bath. My second is pouring a teapot over my shoulder because my brother told me too. I still have the scar from that 😦 Maybe I should stay away from hot things…

  2. amal said

    hahahah my first crush was also superman ! lol man I am soooo embarassed by that one \! I mean he was so not good looking lol lol , I cant stop laughing at that one . awww so cute you had a friend called simantha ? I had virtually no childhood friends , they were all bitchy !

    so you tagged me huh !? hmmmmmmmm
    well at least you called me beautiful 😛

  3. amal said

    hey by the way , why are you never online ? as in msn 🙂

  4. samiabahri said

    lol, i am imagining you age 6, masha’Allah 🙂
    my younger brother THOUGHT (no, was CONVINCED) that he was Superman till the age of 7 at least, he refused to leave the house for kindergarden if his hair was not exactly like supermans (aka clark kent)… he is 16 now, would it be mean to tell his girlfriend about this 🙂

  5. Snowdrops said

    Haha… I enjoyed all of them. You’re so cute hema. But like Mishy, I agree that no 1 is by far the cutest. 😀

    Eid Mubarak! xxx.

  6. samiabahri said

    heeeeeeey whats with that weeme?? scary… and on this sweet day?!
    saha eidkom, eid mubarak sis.

  7. saabirah said

    Your weeme looks like you’re trying to wax your tache.

  8. hema said

    eid mubarak everyone!!
    mishy, have a go at the tag please, your stories always amuse everyone
    amal i’m always online! we must just be on at different times!
    the weeme is because i took my tutor group bowling as an end of term treat, it’s on my college site as well. i got erm.. a bit competitive and agressive.
    “will you stop losing. i don’t want to be on a team of losers”
    “thanks hema, you’re a fantastic tutor, calling us losers”
    they’ve asked if they can go for a meal at the end of next term instead!

  9. iMuslim said

    I also had a crush on Superman! Christopher Reeve guy… and he was good looking! At least when he played Superman, anyway. 🙂

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