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Posted by hema on December 15, 2007

i’m so bored. why did i decide not to go out today? why have i got no marking today? there’s not even any point in planning proper  lessons because everyone is in too much of a chritmasy mood and/or fed  up because of exam pressure. and the Muslim students are probably going to take most of the week off. i think we’re celebrating Eid on friday, how crazy is that?  think i might just go into work and be done with the whole thing. i’m spending way too much time on myspace. i’m not looking forward to the holidays, i think i’m going to be bored for two weeks. although i am looking forward to the sales. and i also need to go visit friends i haven’t seem for time. i’m spening way too much time with sixteen year olds, i’m starting to talk like them. maybe i will go make some chips hhhmm. there is a shcking lack of paragrpahs in this, it must be annoying to read. i’m kind of addicted to prison break. i still haven’t found any toffee apples, i want one. i want to go ice skating. i should clean my room. i went back to my old design, i don’t like change. anyway, chips..


8 Responses to “random thoughts”

  1. Snowdrops said

    You’re rambling reminds me of myself when I’m on the phone with a friend of mine. Lol.

    i think we’re celebrating Eid on friday, how crazy is that?

    That’s bonkers! We’re doing it on Wednesday. Now there’s a difference of two days! Oh dear.

    i’m spening way too much time with sixteen year olds, i’m starting to talk like them

    Well, you do have quite a few typos. 😛

  2. Shahrzad said

    Think positive.At least there is a big Eid soon. Even on friday 😛

  3. Faz said

    Asalaamualikum, hun how are you? Long time no see or chat. We need to catch up i really need a break from home and uni. I’m off now from uni so what do u want to do. I really wanted to watch kite runner ive read the book in the summer it made me cry. We can go ice – skating togeher… and shopping and need to burn some plastic.

    Email me

    Take care


  4. hema said

    snowy- luckily, i got rid of some of the ramblings, i don’t think it’s a good idea to write everything that comes out of my head.
    aren’t you used to the typos by now? i think i have typing dyslexia!
    shahrzad- but it’s the difference of TWO days!
    fazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-you’ll make the perfect shopping partner then:)

  5. ymiss said

    I was supposed to go ice skating but didn’t due to my own laziness 😦 oh well least you had chips 🙂

  6. iMuslim said

    i’m spening way too much time with sixteen year olds, i’m starting to talk like them

    Whateva 😛

    MySpace is ruuubbbbiiiissshhhh… you haven’t responded to my FB wall message yet. I never know which profile to post on! Humph.

  7. hema said

    ymiss- you’ll make the perfect iceskating partner then! this post is proving rather productive!
    chips are no fun on your own! my sisters all went out and i decided to be boring and stay at home.

    iMuslim- and i quote
    “london is a happening place and i is a happening muslimah!”

    i’ve been keeping track of the weeme epedemic!

    i got bored of facebook quite fast. it just seems like a big popularity contest! and i dont think having three sites was such a good idea

  8. iMuslim said

    it just seems like a big popularity contest!

    And what is MySpace then?! The only reason i don’t like MySpace is cos it’s so disorganised… yeah, a nerdy comment to make, but tis true! Every MySpace page i visit is chaotic, and i never know what to do with it. FB is much easier to navigate.

    My iMuslim profile on FB is really open – i’ll add anyone – it’s all about the marketing… hehe. But my “real world” profile is a lot more private, and i find it really useful for keeping in touch with random family who i’d never talk to otherwise. It’s less about showing off, and more about actually maintaining your social network – shocking innit? 😉

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