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i won’t weep for you today

Posted by hema on December 4, 2007

in this crazy world of ours, where so often we are bombarded with images of war and words of hatred, nothing really affects you as much as it should.

but this did.

warning: i wouldn’t listen to it if you’re feeling very emotional

7 Responses to “i won’t weep for you today”

  1. Maryam said

    Ya Allah, It is so moving.

    I fear war and killing the most, I pray with my heart to keep every Muslim under his protection. Ameen.
    Yallah Khair.

  2. Abdul. said

    I nearly cried when i saw that. I cant see children suffering……….thats one thing i cant watch 😦 Allah protect all the children everywhere………Ameen.

  3. amal said

    I avoid news because i become very depressed, a friend of mine yesterday told me that iraqs bombing has improved dramatically before their used to be up 10 a day and kidnapping was a constant thing , but it has calmed down I was shocked she was like dont’ you watch the news ? I was no because I get so depressed .The only thing I do know now is that their some political thing going on in pakistan .

  4. Gry said

    Don’t watch this if you’re emotional… And i did anyway…
    Ya Allah! How cruel can this world possible be? That cruel! May we keep all those who suffers in our du’as and remember that it is someones child, brother, sister, mum, dad og relatives – And all of ours sisters and brothers! What is this for, money, oil – what the f*** how can materialistic objects have greater values than human lives??
    It is so so sad…

  5. Snowdrops said

    It’s very sad indeed. But there are just some facts that we as human beings need to be aware of. I wonder how many people that support the Us invasion of Iraq know about these facts.

    I fear war and killing the most, I pray with my heart to keep every Muslim under his protection. Ameen.

    Thumma Ameen.

  6. exzede said

    This goes into my you tube collection page. thank you

  7. exzede said

    sorry forgot the url http://wizdompath.wordpress.com/youtube-collections/

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