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Posted by hema on November 18, 2007

that’s all i have to say. ok i feel better already.

oh no wait, one more thing. i’m hoping i’ll get away with it while the blogosphere is so quiet.

oh and the revamp is just because i felt like a change, not because i’m finding blogging boring honest! i’ve got about 15 drafts that i just need to find the time to finish off!

11 Responses to “aarrrggggghh”

  1. Shahrzad said

    lool, I got that you’re very bored. That’s why i tagged you. Come, we will have fun 😀

  2. Sumera said

    Love the pic. Yes boys are stupid, lets chuck rocks at them! Bar husbands of course :p

  3. 'liya said

    A student wore that on her shirt last year and some of the boys got “offended” so we spent a class period discussing it (which obviously they wanted to keep at to waste time although there were some emotions were running very high) but now I can’t stand that image (although I agree with the saying very much lol).

  4. Click on me cuz you\’ve been tagged!

  5. Maryam said

    The picture surely says a lot, Boys are definitely Stupid, Not rocks Bolders should be thrown on them ….. 🙂

  6. Abdul. said

    Easy on maryam! Boulders? You girls are viscious!! i feel sorry for your……….ahem. Hema uve been tagged, provide 7 weird facts bt yourself 🙂 rules posted on my blog.

  7. amal said

    aww hema your popular in terms of getting tagged
    I to have drafts that I need to finish off and post up

    can wait to see the new look on your blog I am certain I will like it !

  8. hema said

    ahem disclaimer: i did not encourage any form of violence. the picture said it all, not me (innocent smile)
    incidentally, liya, i used this poster as a starter for a lesson. i put it up on the ohp, let the gilrs laugh at it while the boys gave me daggers, then crossed out boys and put girls(and put pigtails on her of course) and just sat back and watched the reaction. and then crossed out girls and put black people(and coloured her brown). noone was laughing anymore after that hhhmm. it led to quite an interesting discussion on discrimination and minority groups.
    i’ve started the tag! but can only think of three things, maybe i’m not that weird!

  9. mishymoshy said

    I like your new theme, its quite simple but still fun 🙂

    “i’ve started the tag! but can only think of three things, maybe i’m not that weird!”

    Have you mentioned your dulcet tones yet? If not, put them on…

  10. hema said

    i mentioned it last time i did this tag, actually
    but make sure you mention your sarcasm wheni tag you!

  11. aka1030 said

    I saw a similar picture like this first, and it had the same line written, except background was pink and it was a little girl and “girls” was written in place of “boys”. I though “some stupid boy must have made that. We should throw rocks at THEM”. And then sometime later I saw this picture somewhere else and was happy lol.

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