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healthy sugar

Posted by hema on November 1, 2007

the idea of this post is for me to get ideas on eating healthily without having to give up sugar completely(because that’s just impossible:)

but with stories like this one in the news yesterday, i think it’s time i started becoming a bit more responsible in the way i eat. anyone wanna join me? feel free to add your suggestions of health(ier) alternatives for sugar cravings below

i’ve never been a big fan of sweeteners, they taste funny. mot people seem to disagree with me though. i was trying to find some sugar at work the other day, and had to got to 7 different staff rooms because they all used sweeteners. the same goes for other types of sugar like brown sugar and fructose. it just doesn’t taste the same. i suppose i’m just going to have to try and cut down from having two(three if i need a sugar rush!) sugars in my coffee. i like honey though, but not in coffee

chocolate!!! ok this is a necessity right? you can’t actually give it up. that’s just wrong. hey, has anyone had a wispa yet? if you buy the cute little mini versions, you might have less. it’s psychological, probably

indian deserts are shockingly unhealthy. we get a wholebox of pink barfi when we want to celebrate:)

oops, this supposed to be about healthy alternatives. my minds gone blank. i’ve forgotten what i wanted to say:(

let me know if you have any suggestions, i’ll add them on.

15 Responses to “healthy sugar”

  1. iMuslim said

    You’re so cute, mashallah… ๐Ÿ™‚

    {offers you some Ambala habshi halwa}

  2. iMuslim said

    For those who don’t know… this is the pure evily goodness of habshi halwa!

  3. Maryam said

    Talking about Sugar sweetners, I feel like it spoils my tea/coffee. It does taste funny though ………. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shahrzad said

    You need find a solution to control your eagerness toward sweet foods. The healthy way of using suger in a day is using 3 spoons in a day. That’s the only healthy way! lol
    Then when you’re used to eat just 3 spoons suger in a day, you are allowed to hv some chocolate every 2 weeks.
    I know, i am abit strict! But that’s healthy.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. hema said

    dried fruit that’s what i wanted to say.
    they make a great snack. i like apricots the best

    iMuslim-aaww thanks:) (i have a big grin on my face right now)
    indian sweets do rock!

    salaam maryam- i love your name mashAllah!
    it realy does spoil your coffee. i would rather go without if i’m desperate.

    shahrzad- eek, that is a bit strict!every two weeks!!??if i have an apple every day, can i have it every week lol

  6. Umm Yusuf said

    I was going to say fruit, dried fruit is a good way to go. Maybe some carrot sticks. I have to have sugar in my tea so I do as sis Shahrzad said and limit it to one table spoon a cup (usually 2 cups a day). But yeah, going without sweets can be really difficult. I do so because a couple of my family members have been diagnosed with diabetes in the past. So, I don’t want to go down that road…..

  7. ymiss said

    I have 2 tablespoons (yuo tablespoons, teaspoons are for weaklings) of suger in my tea…but I only have one cup a day and choclate now and again, so it kinda balances itself out.

  8. Maryam said

    Thanks Hema, I love my name too …………. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. hmmmm….my opinion? i just can’t do it!! sugar is to addictive to give up, i’m not going to even try!!!


    Ciao Hema :),

    ha,ha,ha…I really like your last two poests.Hm…how to give up sugar?I honestly don’t know.Anyway,I try to have my sweets at breakfast.I’ve heard it’s better to have them in the morning,so that you have time to burn them during the day.Boh…who knows if that is true ;)!
    You’re so right about thinking too much.Sometimes the best thing one can do is not to worry at all and just relax.

    Have a nice week :)!

  11. mishymoshy said

    Ymiss – tablespoons?? Are you kidding me??

    Hema, you’ve made me think thoughts about that Munchies bag above my desk. Oh dear, it’s talking to me. It wants me to eats it. “Eats me,” it says, “eats the precious”. Noooo……

  12. hema said

    umm yousuf- i’m worried about diabetes too:( i like carrot dips and breadsticks, especially with homemade tomoto dip. it’s jsut a hassle and really time consuming, compared to “fast food”. although you can get them all cut up for you. i’ve done that a couple of times

    ymiss, wow that’s like 5 teaspoons or soemthing? i’m in awe! how come i have never made you tea, come round i’ll mke you some:)

    JTM- lol well you’re way to skinny anyway so probably don’t need to! just balance it out with huge plates of salad, that’s what i’m doing!

    natasha- i heard that too, but then i also heard it doesn’t matter that you have sugar, because calories are calories whenever you have them? you’re right who knows!

    mishy. mishhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy. that is all i have to say!

  13. iMuslim said

    i think the problem with having refined sugar is that it causes a sudden spike in blood glucose levels, followed by a spike in insulin levels… i haven’t done the reading, so i hope this isn’t pseudo-science, but i think too much of that over a long period of time, either messes up the pancreas (the organ that makes insulin) and/or causes insulin resistance (which means the tissues that usually respond to insulin, don’t anymore), which both can lead to diabetes (the inability to regulate your blood glucose levels). Not sure if there are genetic factors too… diabetes is so prevalent in my community, especially in my parents’ generation. Allah forbid that we should be afflicted with it!

  14. Maryam said

    How can i view your recent post ????? Password, whats that ???

  15. hema said

    iMuslim- you know what, i’m having brown sugar in my tea right now because your comment scared me so much(notice how i didn’t say i would give up sugar completely!)

    maryam- i sent you an email. let me know if you don’t have it as you used two different accounts to post your messages

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