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giving in

Posted by hema on October 26, 2007

so…the lack of posting recently is due to the fact that i’m trying to figure out how to work facebook and myspace. but before you start with the “i told you so..” it’s because i have to!

instead of continually telling students off for sneaking onto said websites during lessons, we’ve decided to try and incorporate them into their learning experinces..somehow. i have been trying to convince the college to let me use wordpress, because i’m used to it, but to no avail, i have to go with the websites the students want to use. so i’ve asked for a month to get used to how they work. sigh. (only i would complain about being paid to use facebook!) i do like the poking feature though, it’s funny. anyway, i created a separate one for any bloggers that are using it, you can access it here. i have one under my “actual” name as well, and the one for the students is under the college name.

anyways, wish me luck- it’s either going to work or drastically backfire on me!

12 Responses to “giving in”

  1. leila said

    I am sure it will work inshaAllah šŸ™‚ believin in ya šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve just visited your blog for the first time and quite intrigued that if I read correctly, you are setting up a blog/page for your students. Mumtaza!

    May I suggest you might want to check out Xanga – Philosophy cafe blog? A friend of mine who is a university professor created this site for her students so they could not only practice their English skills but also to allow an exchange of views between her students and the rest of the world.

    Carol (American_Bedu)

  3. Sorry…I also meant to add an additional two cents worth…. I wish you could convince your school to allow you to use wordpress. I keep a blog on myspace and have found it not as easy to use and set up plus if anyone wishes to comment, myspace forces them to first register, unlike wordpress. As I am sure you know, this in turn can limit exposure and interaction.

    Good luck!!

  4. hema said

    thank you leila:)
    i tried to add your new blog to my bloglines and can’t. does hadithuna not have rss feeds?

    carol- first of all thanks so much for the link! i added it to my teaching page. there are already a few teaching blogs for students on there.any ideas are greatly appreciated.
    i think i tried to go on your myspace site at soem point, and couldn’t comment. i hate myspace with a passion, i can’t figure out how to work it all all. i’m trying to add my students so they can view it, and don’t know how:( i’m happy to see that you have moved to wordpress though.
    the students voted for myspace and facebook, the idea is to use the sites they are familar with. most of them hadn’t even heard of wordpress. but i’ve noticed facebook has a feature where you can incorporate wordpress in, i might cheat and use that.

  5. leila said

    welcome sweety šŸ™‚ about hadithuna, they have rss feed, i dont know whats wrong. will you try again? šŸ˜€

  6. 'liya said

    Great idea!

    I think next semester I might try something like this so be prepared for my questions šŸ˜€

    Right now I’m doing something slightly Facebook related although I don’t have Facebook myself either. We’re reading Taming of the Shrew and I’m having them create character profiles (like people create profiles on Facebook) and we’re going to use this as a basis to study characterization.

  7. amal said

    hema your cute , you will be able to do it !

  8. Anonymous said

    mwahahahaha knew it was just a matter of time before you had to join facebook…it does come in use more ppl check that then their email account so i use it almost like an email account!

    Don’t completly leave this blog though…

  9. Anonymous said

    anonymous was me (ymiss) i’m at uni supposdly researching how gender effects behaviour.

  10. hema said

    i will do leila, and thanks amal:)

    liya- you know i always love to answer your questions:) i love your idea, i wish i taught literature now! i only have one calss, but it’s for adults – they don’t like doing anythign interesting!

    ymiss- jtm is going to be so disappointed in me when she finds out!
    i’m at work supposedly working! (i know it’s half term..don’t ask) one of the students just made my myspace account purple so i’m happier with it now.
    i am trying to keep up with this blog as well as everything else. not suceeding at the moment, but i’m sure i’ll going to update soon

  11. mishymoshy said

    Ewww you have the lergy *crosses fingers and hides*

  12. hhhaaaaawwwwwwwwww!! Hema i am dissapointed do you not remember a certain pact you made NEVER to join facebook???, but i’ll let you off seeing as it is for work purposes, and the pull is soooo strong!! i was at uni and one of my friends was on it and to be honest i was quite awed by it all and was VERY tempted to join but i will resist temptation yet!…..

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