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for today, tomorrow or sunday…

Posted by hema on October 12, 2007

…….have a wonderful day!


9 Responses to “for today, tomorrow or sunday…”

  1. iMuslim said

    Eid Mubarak! 😀

    I wish i could celebrate Eid on an exotic (Muslim-friendly) beach! (I’m looking at your “Weeme”) 😉

  2. Sumera said

    Khayr Mubarak 🙂


    salaam hema :),

    i would like to wish you a very happy day today.maybe you have read on my blog,that in the end i have decided to leave islam.it’s just not the way i want to live.i don’t have anything against it…this year of my islamic life has been also a very nice one…but still,i’ll remain unreligious.sooo…nice meeting you and please accept my wishes of a serene and beautiful holiday.

    god bless you,


  4. Shahrzad said

    So again Eid Mubarak 😀

  5. 'liya said

    Eid mubarak to you too (again) hehe 😀

  6. hema said

    and eid mubarak again to everyone:) this could go on for a while! i love the Muslim blogosphere at times like these.
    iMuslim- the beach was the only relaxed environment i can find. in reality, i’m not stepping foot out of the house. i love spending time at home on Eid. for one, don’t have to worry about my hijaab:)

    Natasha- why the final sounding message:( you can still comment on here even if you decide to leave Islam..
    i pray you find the peace you are looking for and may God guide you to that which is good for you in this life and the next. xx

  7. Haleem said

    eid mubarak. we are celebrating here in canada on saturday which goes perfectly with the weekend!

  8. Hamid said

    Assalamualaik!I wish u a peaceful n blissful Eid.More wishes 4 u at my blog.

  9. Umm Yusuf said

    A belated eid mubarak to you sis! Insh’Allah you had a good eid. 🙂

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