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got it!

Posted by hema on October 10, 2007

i got the job! i got itttt!

nobody knows that i’m talking about and nobody can comment but wanted to share it with you all. ask me and i’ll bore you to death with the details!

i miss comments and my blogging friends:( was going to enable them again, but thought i may as well wait a couple of days.

an early eid mubarak to everyone, in case i don’t get to say it. i hope it’s on saturday…

i’m gonna go do some cartwheels (mental ones!)


9 Responses to “got it!”

  1. leila said

    mabrook for the job, sweety 🙂 eid mubarak and all the best!

  2. hema said

    hey leillaaaa! eid mubarak to you too. i forgot to actually disbale the comments after all that, but it was worth it for your sweet message.
    the job is a blogging job! it’s part of a new incentive to use blogging as a teaching tool. i applied for it before most of the other teachers could mouth “what’s a blog?” so im super excited about it.

  3. Shahrzad said

    Tabrik so much for your new Job. And happy eid to you too
    OK honey, i am not getting bored. Start tp say story of the job. I listen to you.. We have one Eid to discuss about it! lol

  4. 'liya said

    I wanna know about the job!! Congratulations on getting it!

    And of course Eid mubarak!! 😀

  5. Sumera said

    Very many congrats 🙂

  6. crybaby said

    the level of excitement shows you got your first job ;). Many ideals will be broken, and idealisitic picture of the world will change for you. Welcome to the club.

  7. hema said

    thanks liya, sumi and sharrzad. i’ll explain more soon, too tired from cooking and wrapping presents right now!

    crybaby-it’s my first post of this kind, and the first time i’d applied for any real promotion at work so i guess that is why i’m so excited. wehn i got my first actual job i was actually doing real cartwheels!
    i’m already in the club! i’m the most cynical person i know..

  8. amal said

    eid mubarak babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwah
    congrats! on your job ! nice to see my muslim sister is happy!

  9. mishymoshy said

    Wow I can’t believe you get paid to blog, or talk about blogging anyway. Why is blogging coming up as a misspelt word on wordpress? So is wordpress. Strange. Anyway, just to send the squiggly line insane (and of course because I mean it), congratumalations!

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