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life lessons 3:friendship

Posted by hema on September 16, 2007

today has been a strange day for me, and even though this post will probably make no sense to anyone else, i felt compelled to write this down. for me, it’s going to be one of those posts i’m going to want to keep looking back on to remind myself of how i felt today.

i used to think that the people who mattered most to me were the people i had known the longest, because it takes time to develop bonds and trust. but i underestimated the power of a friendship that was based soley for the sake of Allah.  i thought that time meant everything, but now i know it means nothing if you have a bond and a connection with someone that transcends distance and time.

today i learnt that as long as your friends have faith in you, they will learn to forgive your mistakes and shortcomings. they may even see the good in it instead of focusing on the bad. they may teach you an important lesson about yourself and how to treat others.

today my friend taught me how important it is to trust your friends with anything and not to underestimate them.

this ramadan.. if you are keeping something from your friends or loved ones, then tell them and make sure it’s out in the open. you may think they will take it badly, but you never know, maybe it will make your friendship even stronger.

this ramadan.. tell your friends and loved ones how much they mean to you. you may think they know, but maybe they don’t know just how much. don’t wait until it is too late.

this ramadan..thank Allah for your friends and everything they have done for you.

it’s funny, i love to meet different types of people and try my best to get on with everyone i meet but i think i only have about 4 or 5 people that i  would call very close friends. i spent some time with most of them this evening. and while we were sat around talking, something about the way we were reminded me of why i would happily die for them if i needed to,  why i felt their suffering as acutely as my own, and why i find happiness in their happiness. i thought it was because of time and the things we’d gone through together, but today i know it’s so much more than that. i don’t think i can explain it, but i thank Allah that i have it.

i don’t have many people that i would call close friends, but today i added someone else firmly to that list.

may Allah grant her all the love and happiness she deserves, and ensure she is surrounded by friends in this life and the next.

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