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life lessons 2:forgiveness

Posted by hema on September 10, 2007

people will let you down, people will betray you, people will behave in ways you never thought possible.

forgive them anyway.

because life is too short to carry around all that bitterness. in the end, you only have to worry about your own conduct.


17 Responses to “life lessons 2:forgiveness”

  1. samia said

    :o( that hurted just to read, who would ever do any harm to you my dear- you tell me and ill do my tae-know-do on them, you know i will :o)
    but yes indeed, we must show forgiveness. but when a friend has betrayed or behaved badly or unapropriate, do you think its ever possible for the friendship to be the same, or if a husband/wife cheats- as side from the fact that all cases are different and its up to the person who has been betrayed, can it ever really be the same again…. mmmmh!!

    i tryed to reach you yesterday… xxx sam

  2. hema said

    it can’t be the same.. but i’ve tried both ways and i know which makes me feel better about myself. i’ll bear your offer in mind though.
    i know you did..i got your message later on.. i tried to reach you today but we must have missed each other. hope everything is ok. hej hej xx

  3. 'liya said

    I like how you think. Bitterness tears people apart and leaves them apart. I much prefer forgive (and maybe try to forget).

  4. Haleem said

    good lesson, as ramadan comes nearer.

  5. Shahrzad said

    Sometimes they hurt badly and intended. Even if you forgive them, they continue their job and hurt you. I am in this situation now. One of my coworkers hurted me badly, yet he continues his way.
    I dont know how i can make him behaved. I dont think really about revenge. Never. It is not my way. I always give this responsibility to God. He knows who deserves to be forgiven and who doesnt..

  6. leila said

    Much more easily to say than to do…for me anyway…as shahrzad said, i dont think about revenge ever and always leave it to Allah, but this feeling of being hurted inside of you…ya Allah, I dont know sis, may Allah swt make it easy for all of us.

  7. hema said

    liya- i like how you think better, because i think forgetting is sometimes too hard.

    haleem- ramadan mubarak to you and to everyone else

    shahrzad- “One of my coworkers hurted me badly, yet he continues his way”

    that does he do?? that doesn’t sound like a good situation to be in. let us know and we’ll come up with a sloution to make him stop.
    girl power and all that!
    (that does not count as mentioning the spice girls reuniting. i did not break any rules)

    leila- i know it’s easier to say than do. but i just don’t think it’s healthy to carry round so much hatred and bitterness. it can only make you unhappy. i’ve seen people consumed by it and i hate it. i hate what it does to them. so ameen to your dua. x

  8. Shahrzad said

    lol.. You are cute..
    I want to write about it as a post. About way of eastern boys. They can never accept when a girl says NO to them, means really NO. Even they insist, no difference! They dont accept a girl has right to say no to them for they think it harms their stupid personality.

    He asked me for marriage and i rejected his request! Just it..
    He was Editor, means my boss, so has fired me. But he didnt satisfy by this job. he makes problem for me here and there for he has good liks between journalists and editors. More than me. so everywhere i go they reject my request for job. He harmed me so much.. Imagine, i had 2 pages in newspaper and at least 4 journalists worked under my rule, but now i’m forced to work as a freelance!!

    You would forgive him or kind of him?!

  9. Shahrzad said

    Sorry, i talk generally. So i know there are some eastern boys out there who dont have stupid personality! Anyway..

  10. Conflictedworld said

    Its easy to forgive but to forget is very hard. Its the hurt they cause you that can consume you with so much haterage and bitterness and you forget that the only person you really are hurting is yourself. As you will forget the purpose of your life and end. You have to remember that thier comeuppence will come if not in this life but the next and to forgive is divine and error is human. To know that you are the better person is much more stasfying then lowering yourself to thier level.

  11. Conflictedworld said

    Shahrzad:- aww that is pretty low and aweful. Insahllah will try to come up with a solution. I’m not sure what i would do in your situation just remember not to let him get you down and keep trying and make dua and we will try to come up with an answer to your solution inshallah.

  12. Shahrzad said

    I really didnt want to rumble. lol

    I just said that for i wanted to tell some people dont deserve our forgiveness. Spc people who harm others intended. It is not good to hate and i dont hate others. I know God doesnt pass by Haghunnas..:)

    Thank you confused.. I handle the situation insha’allah..

  13. Shahrzad said


  14. Anon said

    nice blog. Bitterness is an awful thing to carry around, true. Ramadan Mubarak btw!

  15. hema said

    conflicted- i was hoping for your input on this and i like what you have to say:)

    shahrzad- first of all, you’re not grumbling. i asked, didn’t i?
    “You would forgive him or kind of him”
    could i do something to hurt him and then forgive him?

    i don’t know what to suggest either:( it’s a difficult situation and there doesn’t seem to be much that you can do. you can only forgive someone who is sorry and this guy probably doesn’t think he has done anything wrong! maybe he’ll make his point and then move on

    thank you anon.you can come to my blog home anytime!

  16. Sumera said

    Actually its not that easy to forgive, nor is it to forget. By forgive I mean forgiveness from the heart, whereby whenever your mind wanders to what the person did to you, you don’t feel anger, you dont get upset. However ultimately you know you have forgiven someone for something when you actually DO forget about it.

    Easier said than done. We may all forgive on the surface, but truly deep within we dont.

  17. hema honey that is well said!! , PEOPLE WILL always let you down , thats life and the sooner we realize and accept that , we will be less dissapointed and live much happyier lives šŸ™‚

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