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life lessons 1: don’t ever give up

Posted by hema on August 31, 2007

i needed to get one of my students back onto a course this week, at a time when the college decided on a zero tolerance approach to students that had failed. i waited until just the right time to send an email convincing the curriculum manager why this particular student had failed, and why he would pass next year given the right support. she replied back with “ok, if it will shut you up than fine!”

lesson learnt: persisitency pays off. if you don’t get what you want the first time, then try again.

the Literature results were the worst ever this year, at a time when the college decided on a zero tolerance approach to courses that were failing. the principal decided that Literature shouldn’t run next year, which is obviously a huge blow to any department. i don’t even teach on the Literature, but i was still upset. we decided to remark all 100 of the papers ourselves, before sending some off to the examiners, in case some of the marks can be changed. they probably won’t be, but at least we can tell ourselves, as well as the students, that we did the best we could.

lesson learnt: if you’re going to go down, then go down fighting


10 Responses to “life lessons 1: don’t ever give up”

  1. Shahrzad said

    β€œok, if it will shut you up than fine!”
    What an impolite answer. You need to shut her up too! πŸ˜€

  2. hema said

    i’ve had my fair share of wanting her to shut up shahrzad, but this time she was joking! i get a bit scared when she has a sense of humour about things, i’m not used to it.
    she’s doing the best she can i suppose. i would just ahte to be in a positon where studetns became figures and statictics rather than human beings

  3. Masha’Allah, you sound like such a wonderful teacher. I wish I had had a teacher who had some faith in us πŸ˜‰

  4. Saabirahs mood? funny mashaAllah. I wonder if she’s seen it yet….

  5. Saabirah said

    I don’t actually feel cool – I’m surprised you think I was cool after calling me a scally.

  6. ehem…i’ve forgotten your password sis…can you email it to me again 😦 sorry

  7. Pacific said

    Well, the kids in the public schools and universities are indoctrinated with the idea of “fitting in”. So,
    they can be reduced to sheeples ( sheep + people ) and thus better manageable and gullible. So, its good for
    those evil elites if the students become figures and statistics.
    How University Betrays Students



  8. ‘well ok if it will shut you up ‘ LOL
    thats teh type of comment I would get when I really think , something is worthwhile , I WILL persist . persistance isnt always good , but when needid should be used, what do you teach by the way ?

  9. Umm Yusuf said

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sister Hema,

    Those kids are truly blessed to have you as their teacher!

  10. hema said

    unique- thank you, and don’t worry about the passwords, you’re not the only one who has forgotten them!

    umm maymo-“I wonder if she’s seen it yet”
    i was talking to her while i was doing it. i think she said somthing which reminded me why she was cool.

    saabirah-i did not call you a scally! i merely expressed some surprise at your choice of words when you are usually more careful with how you speak.
    did you click on the weemee?

    pacific- you know i would agree with you to some extent, but for me i’d rather be part of the solution.

    confused- persistance can backfire sometimes as you can end up annoying people, but i think it’s better to do everything you can to get what you want, otherwise you’ll always be wondering. i teach English.

    umm yusuf- thank you for saying so:) but i think the day i think i’m a good teacher is the day i’ll want to quit. that sort of thinking can mak you complacent

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