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Posted by hema on August 2, 2007

oh, of all the mean ,mean things to do

warning: contains spoliers on “The Deathy Hallows”

why oh why would you kill dobby the house elf??

let’s indulge in some serious Harry Potter talk

firstly, let’s recount Dobby’s moment of glory (yes, i went to the effort to type it all out. it’s like my little tribute. only true potter fans would understand)

“Dobby!” she screamed, and even Bellatrix froze. “you! you dropped the chandalier?”

The tiny elf trotted into the room, his shaking finger pointing at his old mistress. “you must not hurt Harry Potter,” he squeaked.

“You dirty little moneky,” bawled Bellatrix. how dare you take a witche’s wand, how dare you defy your masters?”

“Dobby has no master!” squealed the elf. “Dobby is a free elf and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends”

…and his tragic demise:(

“have we come to the right place? Dobby?”

he looked around. the little elf stood feet from him.


the elf swayed slightly, stars reflected in wide, shining eyes. together, he and Harry looked down at the knife protuding from the elf’s heaving chest.

“dobby, no- HELP!” harry bellowed towards the cottage, towards the people moving there. “HELP!”

He did not know or care whether they were wizards or muggles, friends or foes; all he cared about was that a dark stain was spreading accross Dobby’s front, and that he had steatched out his thin arms to Harry with a look of supplication. Harry caught him and laid him sideways on the cool grass.

“Dobby, no, don’t die, don’t die!”

the elf’s eyes found him and his lips trembled with the effort to form words.

“Harry … Potter..”

and then with a little shudder, the elf became quite still, and his eyes were nothing more than great, glassy orbs sprinkled with the light from the stars they would not see”.

don’t you love the cute way he refers to himself in the third person. it’s simply adorable. why would you let him die? what purpose could it possible serve? i mean, after reading the final book, i can understand why serius and dumbledore had to go, and it came as no surprise that madeye was killed off so early on in the book. the members of the order of the pheonix were being killed off so harry had noone to hide behind and do the hard work for him. and even the deaths of the lupin’s were understandable. afterall, harry now has a connection with the little orphan he was to become godfather to..but i was hoping dobby would survive and live happily ever after with harry and his freinds.

why couldn’t kreacher have gone to rescue harry instead?? i mean kreacher’s turnaround was very touching and all, and it was very sad to imagine him waiting expectantly with his steak and pie to the safe house that harry and his friends would never be able to return. but it should have been dobby leading the houseelves to help harry at hogwarts. he has been loyal to harry all the way through, kreacher was just a last minute thing. and i notice he wasn’t with harry in the epilogue. harry was still his master right? so why wasn’t he with them at the hogwarts express, or at least mentioned. i bet he deserted them somewhere in the 19 years. dobby would nver have done that!

i mean, it’s not as if i’m asking for much. i’m not complaining she killed off so many major characters. just one little house elf! one of the things i like about rowlings style is her willingness to do away with characters to keep the plot moving. it makes for very endearing reading, as you know noone is safe so you’re always on edge.
i have to admit, i wasn’t a potter fan from the start. i’m not really a fan of fantasy, nor am i into novels that see things literally, but somewhere in between the two, which is why magic realism is my absolute favourite genre. i only started reading after the third book, when all the hype was just starting to kick in and i was perplexed as to what all the fuss could be about. as an English teacher, i just had to see what was getting the boys to read voluntarily!

luckily, i didn’t make the mistake of watching the films before reading the books, because the films do not do justice to the intricate details in the books. to give one example, i loved the way the horox in the room of requirement had already been mentioned in “the half blood prince”, when Harry needed to hide the prince’s potions book and placed the tiara on top of the book.

when i first read “the philosopher’s stone”, two things made me want to carry on reading. the first was how the-boy-who-lives had actually managed to survive the killing curse that noone else had ever been able to survive, and the second was why dumbledore trusted snape so much when it was evident that he hated Harry and everyone else thought he was really on voldermort’s side. and i only found out the answer to both of these in the final book(aaw poor snape, who would have guessed) you see, that’s clever tactics. so, i have to say it, although i’m not quite at the stage where i will dress up as a witch and Que for hours, i do think Ms rowling deserves the hype and the fame. and i love the way her hero wears glasses and isn’t particularly good looking. it must have cheered up youths with glasses everywhere!
there is just one thing that diturbs me though. these books are not for kids! i mean perhaps the first three, but after that it just gets darker and darker and that should really have been explained from the begenning! even though most Potter fans have grown up alongside the books so have matured, i still peronally would not let a child near some of the later books.

oh, another thing that has been troubling me is the anti-Islamic vibes that some Muslims think the book sends out (yes, i do have to bring Islam into everything!). but i don’t think the books encourage people to practice magic and the dark arts anymore than say “silence of the lambs” encourages people to become cannibals or “star trek” encourage people to become… whatever star trek is about (i really have no clue). also, the way the dementors are veiled in black, and the fact that their faces cannot be seen would really frighten some kids. i do not think they would be very pleased when they see veiled wmen walking down the streets in london. i mean, i know that Rowling probably has a lot to think about when she is writing her novels, but if she could just keep Muslims in mind when she was writing, i would be much happier

that and keeping dobby alive, as well of course .


23 Responses to “naheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn”

  1. Oi! No talkin bad about Star Trek! I’m a closet Trekkie and I’m ready to come out to the blogging world (just not on my profile:)

  2. hema said

    i’ll make you a deal, you don’t make fun of mefor my harry potter obsession and i’ll leave you alone for being a star trek an.
    too mnay people recently are confessing to being closet trekkie fans, maybe i should give it a try..

    where are all the harry potter fans gone??i’m not done talking about it yet…

  3. mishymoshy said

    What are you talking about?? Dobby was an irritating little wart…plus I really really hate people who refer to themselves in the third person. It makes them sound like twerps with mudringles on their foreheads. I’m glad he died, not just because I didn’t like him but because it was done in a really touching way so even I felt sad when it happened. I like the way JK includes different species in the Potter-verse and talks about equality etc. For example the way Harry buried Dobby was something no other wizard had probably ever done, it really is an important message which you can transfer to real life (why can’t Potter-verse exist though??). I honestly can’t believe though that you can take Lupin and Tonks death over Dobbys, you treacherous fool!

    I love HP and I’m all for bringing Islam into everything but I think you’re going a bit too far with the comparisons you’re making :s And also whats this about “Rowling probably has a lot to think about when she is writing her novels, but if she could just keep Muslims in mind when she was writing, i would be much happier”?? I’m not even going to comment.

    Btw I think the reason for the slow uptake in responses is everyone’s done their take on the HP book already, you’re quite slow :p

    Last thing, how do you manage to do that thing on posts where you have to click a link to read the rest of the entry? It looks handy.

    Definitely last thing: seeing as you haven’t got a phone (at least I think you haven’t? I’m not sure you confused me with all your phone talk before) I haven’t been able to text you my congrats about the new splodge 😀

  4. hema said

    everyone’s done their take on the HP book already, you’re quite slow
    i know i’ve been slow reading. if it was up to me i would have just read it all in one day, but real life took over:) thanks aboutthe new splogde. i read the text you sent to baba, and no i haven’t said anything inappropriate! (yet). i never missed my phone more then when i had finished the book, i wanted to text you striaght away and have one of those long text conversations about it!

    Last thing, how do you manage to do that thing on posts where you have to click a link to read the rest of the entry?
    i’ll tell you about the more tag when you take back what you said about dobby, the poor thing! the lupin’s deaths were brushed over quite harshly, i must admit. i think it’s party to do with the fact that they were both quite “new” characters, especially tonks.

    “I love HP and I’m all for bringing Islam into everything but I think you’re going a bit too far with the comparisons you’re making”
    hhm it’s been on my mind ever since reading an article on this issue from a scholar whose opinion i really respected(i really can’t remember who though!)and he was saying e should keep our kids far away from harry potter and anything realted to magic and especially black magic. as Muslim’s we believe in jinn and the ghayb, so for us the distinction between “magic” and reality is not so clear cut, so we need to bear that in mind. i personally wouldn’t let children anywhere near hp. and just becuase something is fiction or entertaining, it doesn’t mean it’s not trying to influence you in any way. i think rowling may be a very strong christian actually. the whole idea of love conquering all, and the mother’s ultimate sacrifice to protect her son from evil has ver strong christian overtones. and i think the quotes that harry didn’t understand (like “where your treasure is there your heart heart will be also”) is from the bible???

  5. caged_bird said

    Well it’s a shame you haven’t got to know my two younger sisters better, they may have more in common with you than you think…..Get this they would read to one another every night and nearly every waking hour that annoying book. they would gasp and shriek and make all sorts of sounds in response. they were annoying to live with as i had to repeat things like 10 times over before i got a response…..Alhamdulillah they have now since recovered and returned to real life.
    I’ve detested Harry Potter from the begining. Few reasons.
    1. They may not be making islamaphobic implications or any sort of attack on muslims, but they promote that which is forbidden and gravest in Islam and that is shirk – magic. I know they are non muslims and obviously that is what they do. The elder reader can distinguish but the younger and even the elder ignorant who is not grounded in their knowledge of Tawheen may not be able to distinguish truth from falsehood. It has lead to children attempting to mess with magic. If you had a child would you let them watch/read it? if not they would turn around and say well you are so it can’t be wrong. I would say the same for any other book that holds haram content i.e a jackie collins book. Its indecent. so is this for a muslim but of a different nature.
    2. I do not like fantasy books. I like to deal with real life. Thats just my taste. I used to like gritty thriller horror books, intellectualy stimulating suspense type.
    3. When something becomes an obsession with the masses, i like to rebel and be on the other side. I don’t like fads, crazes it becomes an object of annoyance for me. I hate Harry Potter because most love it.

    I don’t mean to be offensive im just stating my reasons and opinions. Note i’ve not said its haram to read Harry Potter, thats the place of a scholar to say, but im talking on my own principles i prefer not to read it. Sorry not with you on this one Hema!!

  6. mishymoshy said

    Shall we not read Narnia or LOTR either? I understand where people come from with regards to the whole “magic” thing but books like these are fiction. Yes fiction often has an underlying message, in fact many of these books use magic or fantasy as a facade in which to hide an important message. Lewis’ Chronicles are completely riddled with references from and to the bible yet is this a bad thing? In the end all its promoting is peace, tolerance, understanding and unity. Isn’t this what Islam is about? Similar to Harry Potter, JK really hammers the message on love, in particular a mothers love, why is this a bad thing? Just because someone doesn’t have the same beliefs as us doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from them.

    Letting children read HP: I think the age Harry is in each book is pretty much the age the books are aimed at. That being said of course an 11 year old could read HP7 and become engrossed in it. Whether or not they understand the subject matter is a different thing. When I was younger I always read material which wasn’t necessarily aimed at my age group, maybe I was mature for my age, maybe it went over my head or maybe I just wanted to look cool reading things which weren’t meant for me? I don’t know, I guess at the end of the day its up to parents/elders to let kids know what’s right/wrong with regards to books and real life.

    Back to actual HP: Actually I was sad about Lupin dying but I thought it was actually fitting, all four marauders have now passed on. Tonks death on the other hand was unnecessary. Another orphan! Poor little mite.

    I take it you won’t be happy that I watched the scene in HP2 where Malfoy kicks Dobby about 6 times in succession? Man I love that scene, that’s right Lucius kick the little blighter down those steps…and again…again…

  7. bet JK didn’t think she was gunna spark such debates when she was writing the books!!

  8. Saabirah said

    I’m proud to say I don’t know what you’re talking about hema. I’m not generally fussy about what I read but I don’t think the dangers of trivialising magic is exaggerated. Read any good book on tawheed (if you can’t attend a good course on it) which goes into what magic ACTUALLY is and you’ll realise how nasty actual magic is.

  9. hema said

    thanks caged bird and saabirah for the comments, they helped to show i’m not the only one who’s taking things too far:) i can see the argument from both sides and it’s obvious which side i’m taking (seen as i’m blogging about it). i don’t know if any scholars have made reading the books haraam? it is dangerous to trivialise magic, but i do think HP is being singled out because it’s so popular and because of the hype. there are far worse books out there(i know because i’ve read them too!!)

    mishy- i do agree that the book promotes a lot of positive values for kids, and certain bounderies are always respected(you can never bring anyone back when they are dead for example) and in the end it wasn’t magic which enabled him to beat voldermort but.. love! i don’t think people take that into account when they are criticising the books, but to be fair they can’t because they don’t agree with reading them!

    jtm- i don’t think she ever expected the books to become so famous in the first place!! i really respect her decision to stick with the seven that she planned and obviously (if you’ve read the final book??) she can’t carry on now anyway.

    oh mishy you have a mean streak, remind me never to get on your bad side. think of them huge huge eyes. don’t you think he punishes himself enough when he does something wrong without others doing it too!!
    i’ve just remembered another death which was pointless- fred weasley’s. what was all that about?? i knew when george brutally lost his ear at the start that the book was going to be one big bloodbath:( i mean, why kill just one of the twins. she should have done away with them both then. they were always shown together anyway.

    anyway, mishy what was your favourite part?
    i loved it when ron said-“he must have known i’d desert you” (or soemthing)
    and harry said”no, he knew that you would always want to come back”
    a close second is when harry got to hear dumbledore’s side of the story, even if it was all in his head(‘but that doesn’t make it any less real”) i actually wasn’t that disappointed with dumbledore’s darka nd dirty past like some people seem to be. his past obviosuly helped him to become the person he was so why have it all dragged up again. i hate that rita woman (journalists can be so horrible) i wish something really bad had happened to her.
    and we never found out what job harry ended up doing??? i know he wanted to be an auror, but i was hoping he would end up as a teacher. not for personal reasons, honest. but he always said that he felt a strong connections with hogwarts because it was his only real home, i didn’t think he’d want to leave it.

  10. 'liya said

    Fictional books are dangerous because they have a way of pulling us in and make us believe when reading that we’re in another world – this is especially the case with well-written books like H.P – so well written that even little boys who hate reading want to read. I do think it’s because of this hype that Muslim (and Christian) groups began pointing out the wrongness of magic use, whenever there is a big hype over something there will always be people on the opposite side, but this is the case with many books that have been popular during their time.

    If we say that H.P shouldn’t be allowed for children, what about Cinderella? She has a fairygodmother with a magic wand. What about Snow White, there’s a witch in that story. I think parents have a duty to educate their children with both fiction and non-fiction so that they understand what is real and what is okay to play make-believe with. Parents should also be the ones to judge whether their child is mature enough to read something like H.P – hey, there are some very scary elements in them and I had nightmares after reading one! But then again, I always read fictional books that were aimed at a more mature audience… so I don’t know, maybe that’s a challenge that parents just have to deal with.

    I never realized that we didn’t find out what job Harry got in the end. Hehe, I DO really hope he became a teacher 😀

  11. Shahrzad said

    I think i am from that rare group who dont like Harry Potter Stories!lol

  12. Sumera said

    Arghhhhhhh..no more harry potter!

    Me too Shahrzad! 😀

  13. OH FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH ! please stop talking about harry potter ! ahhhhhhhhhhh

  14. mishymoshy said

    “i don’t think people take that into account when they are criticising the books, but to be fair they can’t because they don’t agree with reading them!”

    I’m sorry but this is one of those things that really annoys me about people, they’re very quick to criticise something before actually reading it for themselves and thinking about it. How many films/books/programmes/whatnot do people look over simply because they’ve heard/read somewhere else that it was about something they didn’t agree with? I really think you should try that thing before judging it so harshly.

    Liya: you’ve articulated my point exactly, its up to parents to let kids know what is and isn’t right. Oh and also, in an interview which can be found here: http://video.the-leaky-cauldron.org/video/813
    JK says that Ron and Harry revolutionise the Auror department and Hermione has a position high up in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She also says that she will write an encyclopaedia at some point which will provide the answer to almost every question, including the identity of the current headmaster of Hogwarts (she says it is someone new though). Also, I thought Harry would make a good DADA teacher but maybe he’ll do it when he’s older and then go on to become the headmaster himself *smiles*

    Sumera & Confused: NEVEERRRRRR!!!!! :p

  15. hema said

    liya- “If we say that H.P shouldn’t be allowed for children, what about Cinderella?”
    that is a very good point, i must say. i think the problem is when people take things too literally. and this is a huge problem with adults as well as children. sometimes using metaphors,imagery or allegories enables you to express yourself more clearly then dealing with everyday concepts and feelings. that’s what i love about magic realism.
    i think the main problem i have with regards to children is that it’s too brutal. the deathly hallows practically starts with someone’s ear being cut off. i know there are far worse horror films out there, but they aren’t being branded as childrens’ books!
    that said, i do love the way the book has got some kids to read. i remember opting to read the book on a teaching practice with a group i was really stuggling to connect with. they were remaining loyal to their ‘normal’ teacher(as you do) and had decided they hated my lessons. when i started a scheme of work on “the philosopher’s stone” they actually used to moan when the bell rang. i don’t think i’ve experienced anything like it since! i had to offer some of the teaching material to the usual teacher so she didn’t resent me too much(aarrh the politics of being a trainee teacher!)

    sharhzad, sumera and confusedal- it must be annoying with all the hype at the moment. i would probably feel the same way if i wasn’t a fan. but try and be patient, it’s the last book. then it’s all over forever.. (well, apart from the two films..)

    mishy, thanks for the link. i’ll have a look at some point.i don’t see why she couldn’t have just included the information in the book though. she sort of glossed over the future, it was far too short. oh, and the more tag is inbetween the button to add images and the spellcheck. it looks like a page being split in half. just click it where you want it to go on the page.

  16. Ok I miss commenting on your blog lately sis hehehe… but I’m so out of the loop on Harry Potter. All I know is that he went to some boarding school to learn how to be a great wizard right… LOL I probably got that wrong anyway…I have friends who love the book and movies so will run this passed them and see what I can say about Harry hehehehe….Still Luv ya!!! Hugs 😉

  17. caged_bird said

    It’s a good thing i’m not one to argue because i do have a lot to say on the issues bought up.it would take an essay! but khayr like i said its my own take on things, based on my own priniciples which im not imposing on anyone, just expaining why i don’t like Harry Potter. Its upto the individual what they read and what good they want to take and what bad they want to ignore……..But we can’t ignore the fact that what is described in the book goes against Islamic principles.

  18. Anonymous said

    Give me a Thomas Harris book any day.

  19. hema said

    cari-nope that was right:)

    caged bird- i think disagreements are healthy as long as everyones’ opinions are respected, but i wouldn’t want any arguments either, which is why i moved on from it.

    annoymous- i just don’t see the attraction with wanting to read about cannibalism!

  20. Shahrzad said

    I just said my idea. I know many people love the stories and of course i respect their choice. It is free world and i am patient lol

  21. Anonymous said

    “i just don’t see the attraction with wanting to read about cannibalism!”
    wot a sweeping generalisation, so indicative of your ignorance – you havent read the books obviously. you can buy dead cheap from asda. anyway when are we meeting up for this elusive coffee?

  22. hema said

    ah, i should have known that comment was from you. oops have i fallen into the trap of being wary of something i haven’t actually read. well the thing is someone dragged me to a film once, kicking and screaming, so i think i’m too traumatised to read the books now:(

  23. Anonymous said

    “well the thing is someone dragged me to a film once, kicking and screaming, so i think i’m too traumatised to read the books now:(”

    😀 very funny. kicking and screaming – yeah right. anyway i’m sure the book is better than the film as are all of them, i’ve yet to read hannibal rising though.

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