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at the supermarket

Posted by hema on July 9, 2007

life lessons ..

baba: (the youngest one in case you’re wondering. we used to call her baba because she was born looking like a grandad. and she nags a lot)
anyway as i was saying, baba and i do the weekly shopping trip to Asda together sometimes. so, as usual we got the trolley together and of course she did the pushing. i have to exert my authority sometimes and besides, i’m wa–ay to posh to push:)

so we were happily trodding along and i was reading out from the list when…

me: ooh i want pot noodles

baba:pot noodles are not on the list

me: but i want them

baba: no. you don’t need them

me: i do, i take them to work

baba: no, you can make them yourself, they’re too expensive

me: but i’m paying!

baba: it’s still money. you can’t have them (as you can see i’m still working on exerting my authority)

and put them fox biscuits down as well. we can buy smartprice

(smartprice tastes like cardboard! i swear this girl would buy secondhand toilet paper if she thought she could get away with it!)

anyway while i was grumbling along, a little old lady jumps out of nowhere.

little old lady: excuse me do you know where the sugar is?

me: (still grumbling) do we look like shop assistants?

baba: (nudging me) oi! let’s help her find the sugar

me: i think it’s over there by the flour

baba: no they changed it(why do they keep moving things around in that place?)

me: ok, you go with the lady, i’ll check by the flour just in case.

on my way over to the flour aisle, i spot the pot noodles and use the opportunity to quickly stock up. scan and check there is no sugar there. walk happily back with my big bundle of pot noodles. to my surprise baba is still standing in the same place with the old lady, frowning disapprovingly

(in my absence)

baba: come on, i’ll take you to the sugar aisle

little old lady: no, no that nice young lady has gone to get some for me.

baba: no, trust me that’s my sister. she just does her own thing. i’ll take you.

little old lady: no, i’m sure she’ll bring some back for me. i think i’ll wait here for her.

baba (with folded arms) watches me skip merrily towards them with the pot noodles and no sugar. old lady looks disappointed and slightly confused.

baba: (still giving me evils) come on, i’ll get you some now.

little old lady finally has her sugar. she smiles at me happily without holding a grudge and attempts to say salaam.

baba: (at home to my sisters and sister in law) you wouldn’t beli–eve how mean hema was to this poor old lady at the supermarket

me: (hanging my head in shame) tis true, tis all true

ok, the point of all this… don’t get so caught up in your own pot-noodled fuelled bad mood and fail to help people when they need it.

life lessons, life lessons indeed..


14 Responses to “at the supermarket”

  1. You’ve got your Pot Noodles, and I have the Saudi equivalent plaguing my existence…called Indomie. I’m addicted to the stuff now and can’t live without them. And I’m usually into healthy stuff. I remember trying to convert you from your junk diet and those minuscule portions you called meals in the refectory.

    And yes….”you big meanie”***I say while wagging my finger disapprovingly***

  2. Saabirah said

    Who knew Asda shopping could be so philosophically phruitful. Not Poodles – I feel like having them after a long time and once I do I realise why I left them for so long… Not my idea of nice food.

  3. hema said

    ssw- and i remember you trying to convert me to organic products and american portions!!aww i miss those chill out days in the refect. *sigh*

    saabirah- i know you hate it when peopple do this but LOL
    not poodles are ni-ce, you just have to get the right flavour. i like sweet and spicy.

  4. 'liya said

    Hehe.. a little obsessive aren’t we? πŸ˜€

    Certain foods have a way of doing that to us.. but imagine when you’re pregnant and have food cravings… watch out little old ladies.. pregnant Hema coming through!

  5. mishymoshy said

    This is a fantastic entry! Your best to date! I always knew baba (I love the name, it suits her perfectly) was a bit frugal but this is ridiculous. Ohh methinks someone will be getting a text soon.

    Just noticed the pic of little old lady (or LOL). *teehee*

  6. Lucyp said

    Pot Noodle rage??

  7. hema said

    liya darling i think i had a mild heart attack reading your comment. please refrain from using the words hema and pregnant in the same sentence again- something you may not know about me- i am baby-phobic!

    mishy- a bit frugal? she is the most frugal person i know!

    lucyp- yes a pot noodle rage. have you never heard of those before:)

  8. listen2hear said

    Nice story and nice lesson:-)

  9. 'liya said

    “Baby-phobic” – eek! sorry! Okay I’ll remember that *kicks self*

  10. hema said

    i’m glad you liked it listen2hear- that’s a nice name!

    yu weren’t to know liya- it’s just babies tend not to like me. oh wait.. is that the other way round.

  11. carimuslima said

    You’re so right definitely life lessons hehehe… I don’t get asked too much about where stuff is at the supermarket though I guess the kids scare them away LOL like OMG she already has a handful to ask where the breadcrumb aisle is LOL hehehe… But I always get stopped by both moms and dads (although the dad thing a little freaky) to say what cute babies I have… who can blame them they are cute of course ;). Thanx for the reminder Hema Hugs πŸ˜‰ xoxoxo

  12. Saabirah said

    “it’s just babies tend not to like me” – well would you like someone who said you’re ugly?

  13. hema said

    cari- “who can blame them they are cute of course”
    not that you are biased or anything! i’m sure your babies are very cure mashAllah.

    saabirah- hey, i haven’t done that in a long time, not since i was made to apologise to the baby (!) i’ve learnt sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy

  14. Unique Muslimah said

    lol lovely narration hema!

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