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blackpool trip!

Posted by hema on June 30, 2007

it was the last week with the students in this week. even the most cynical teachers were feeling a bit sad. the last two weeks of term are just full of boring staff development days (courses and meetings and more boring boring meetings). i mean a college without students in it is just wrong. it would be like a hospital without patients or something- what’s the point? the corridors are just going to be empty with noone to say hello to:(

we spent yesterday on the treasure hunt which we do every year. it’s basically for year six students that come in next week in an initiative that’s actually called “get them while they are young”. i am so not looking forward to doing the treasure hunt with them:( you have to basically follow around college and they are so hyper. because of the animal care students, we’ve got a huge farm around the back, and it’s so muddy but the 10 year olds just don’t care! seriously, give me 17 year olds over 10 year olds a-nyday!

anyway, we trial the hunt with the AS students every year, and they usually act so cool and think it’s too immature, even though the really get into it towards the end. but this years intake were excited about it from the start, and came in dressed like pirates! it was so lovely to see. they looked super cute, i wish i could post up pictures!

thursday was the dreaded trip to blackpool. but it actually went really well. i even managed a few rides, you guys would have been so proud of me! my students definitely were, even though they had to practically hold my hand in the que!

and my absolute highlight of the day (no wait the whole year) was when this random guy was trying to give me hassle and one of my naughtiest students turned around and said

“oi don’t talk to my teacher like that, i’ll bash your head in”

yeh. what he said

(he was told off for the violent language)

oh, and i didn’t quite manage the pepsi max though. but i mean, come on look at it. why would you put yourself through that!

8 Responses to “blackpool trip!”

  1. liya said

    Hema that ride looks like fun! Hehe.. your students should’ve made you get on that ride just to hear the teacher scream πŸ˜€

    Isn’t it funny how the as you say “naughtiest” students are often the ones that love you (or want to protect you) the most?!

  2. hema said

    oh why are people complaining they can’t post comments when you can? i knew this whole transition thing was going to smoothly

  3. mishymoshy said

    I don’t know why people don’t like theme parks, they’re fab!! i haven’t been to Blackpool but did you go on that one thats literally straight up and down? Think its the Playstation or something like that? The thought of that makes me feel kinda queasy…but also excited. Oh miss, please will you take us??

    Aw thats so cool those kids came dressed as pirates, pirates rock. I can’t wait for September 19th (International Talk Like A Pirate day). Ye best be practicing missy else it’ll be off to Davey Jones’ locker for ye. AARRRR!!!

  4. Unique Muslimah said


  5. Ymiss said

    awww that’s made me want my own class even more! Can’t belive I have to endure ANOTHER 2 years before they’ll allow me to be set loose! How can you not like year 6 come on! The whole pretence of acting oh so cool and then seeing the child inside just erupting and wnating to take in everthing your doing – how can that NOT tempt you to switch to primary teaching huh?

  6. Umm Yusuf said

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sis,

    Welcome to wordpress! πŸ™‚ Mash’Allah your students taking up for you!

  7. hema said

    liya- the students had plenty of chances to see the teacher scream, don’t worry!

    mishy- yes, i saw the up and down ride- from a distance it looked ok so i said “let’s go on that” and they were like “er…ok if you’re sure” and then i got closer and heard all the screams. not good, not good.

    ymiss- oh do you want to be me for the day tomorrow for the treasure hunt please! i managed to suck up to the person in charge of it today, and instead of going around with them, i am allowed to stand at a strategic spot handing out sweets.let’s just hope they are haraam ones so i don’t eat them all. he he

    oh that reminds me- someone said giving out haram sweets is not good, because it would be like the equivalent of selling alcohol? does anyone know? i’m worried now, those kids love their haribos, nothing else will do.

  8. hema said

    oh and unique and sothern Muslaimahs- (and iMuslim responding via wemail)
    switiching to wordpress was the best decision ever!

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