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when it’s hot..

Posted by hema on June 12, 2007

i do not like it when it’s hot. people do crazy things when it’s hot. i’m glad it’s not hot today like it was hot yesterday. my duas seem to have worked.

i’m considering hibernating until it’s time for the big woolly scarves and thick coats to come out again.

i’m not saying everyone should cover up during the summer. people can wear what they want. “it’s a free country” after all, but are people wearing less because they want to or because they are being pressurised to?

like there is a student who has really bad acne so came in wearing a long sleeved top. one of her friends commented “gosh, aren’t you hot in that thing?” yes, of course she is hot in that thing, she doesn’t need you to remind her she’s hot in that thing, maybe she just thinks being hot in that thing is better than the alternative of not wearing that thing!

i don’t think i am the only one who does not look forward to summer. most people do not like their bodies, because they are being forced to compare them with unrealistic size zero supermodel images. they will diet and make themselves miserable before they dare to allow their bodies to be scrutinised by others.

one of “my” boys was sent to me yesterday by the learning mentor for upsetting a girl in the study area. when i asked what he said it was something along the lines of not wanting to see “all her stomachs”.

so, you’re encouraged to undress when you’re young and thin, but people actively try and force you to cover if you’re older or not the “right” size?
it just feels like double standards to me.


16 Responses to “when it’s hot..”

  1. Umm Maymoonah said

    I know exactly what you mean, its hard for us to lower our gaze – mainly out of shock of what someone is wearing – so imagine what its like for men.

    unfortunately I can see that many muslim women/girls also feel the need to confirm to a certain extent.

  2. Faz said

    here here, I was once told by a college friend that you know when its summer when you see less clothing on people…. so true. I mean I do not need to see so much flesh. I know its hot but come on wear something that covers you up, and then people complain about sun burn and increase rate of skin cancer, its common sense cover up not just use SPF factor 20 or so on. I read an article can’t remember which news paper probably the Metro its the only one i get as its free and I can’t really say no to the nice man who gives it out anyway that doctors are now urging people to cover themselves up with clothing.Now they tell them…. Do you think anyone will listen.

  3. Saabirah said

    I have to say hema. I love your blog, esp the “random” stuff.

  4. hema said

    umm maymoonah- “mainly out of shock of what someone is wearing”
    or not wearing as the case may be 🙂
    and that reminded me, women have eyes too! don’t men have to cover from their nevel to knees as well? because that is so not happening at the moment.

    it’s not even about seeing so much flesh. i think it’s something we have to get used to livivng in the country. it’s just about being made to feel bad or weird if you do cover. i mean, people still go out in mini skirts and high heels in the middle of winter for the sake of looking good, so what’s so wrong with us wanting to cover for the sake of our religion?

    faz- that’s a good point about skin cancer, i’ve read that somewhere too. it must be better to wear loose cotton then wear nothing. i am in love with chiffon at the moment. i never saw what the big deal was before, but it’s so comfy.

    saabirah- thank yoo-u.
    you see, i can take a compliment,unlike some people. and a compliment from you is especially appreciated.

    i update the random quotes with every post because you said you liked it once. i have a big bank of quotes i like though, so it’s not that difficult.
    i’m finding the other stuff quite hard though. apparently, i don’t know that many facts, and i musn’t be very kind:(

  5. Rosashe said

    AOA Hema,

    I have trouble finding things to wear in summer that are covering yet comfy, but I still LOVE summer 😀 But, I knwo what you mean. I feel more sad when I see some hijabi sisters wearing almost sleeveless tops and their stomach almost showing yet their hair is covered in the summer. Obviously the point of hijab is amiss in their mind.


  6. Lucyp said

    At last, someone who shares my dislike of the summer. The humidity gets to me and the insects fighting with each other to bite me and the only sunblock that would stop me burninm is a suit of armour.
    I’m with you, bring on the scarfs and gloves weather!

  7. 'liya said

    I like the fall season. Not too hot, not too cold.

    I need a/c for my car!

  8. hema said

    just when i think you guys can’t get any crazier! i’m staying ou–uut of this discussion.

    sheila that’s a good point. you know, sometimes i think baggy jeans and and hair tied back is better than wearing short sleeves shalwar kameez with full blown make up and a “hijaab”. i know what looks more attractive anyway.

    lucyp- yay you can be my summerphobic pal.
    liya- i like the “fall” season too. i like it when it rains and you are all cosy inside. it rained here today, and i was not impressed though, as i decided to loan my umbrealla to a student wearing just a t-shirt(??) and then remembered i had to go food shopping after work. i got very wet:(

  9. southernmuslimah-Umm Yusuf said

    Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Sister,

    Nice blog! Yeah, total double standards. The brothers unfortunatley seem to forget TO THE KNEES AND OVER THE NAVEL. They love to scrutinize what the sisters wear or don’t wear but then here comes summer and their futbol(soccer for us americans) gear goes on and ooops…….AURAH! HELLO! hehehe. And forget the beach….don’t even get me started.

  10. hema said

    wa alaikum salaam warahmatullahi wa brakatuhu. hope you and yusuf are well:)
    the beach..ys.. i have an arerican firend who sent me an email of what some of the brothers are wearing on the beach and i ws like “aarrgh my eyes”! i can imagine it must be a big problem over there.

  11. Anonymous said

    assalamu alaikum

    okay just want to mention that some brothers dress more modestly than some sisters, borthers wear loose thobes where on the other hand some sisters wear very figure hugging,multi-coloured jilbabs (they actually look like slinky evening dresses) you can see their figures. Also they apply so much make-up and perfume subhanAllah!! I think some non-hijabi sisters dress more modestly than some hijabi sisters. may Allah guide us ameen.

    Umm zaidah Nusaybah

  12. hema said

    he–ey, umm zaida nusaybah salaam.
    i see your point regarding the brothers wearing thobes etc, and i think they deserve even more respect because it must be harder to do, seen as it’s not as common as sisters wearing jilbabs, it’s just a shame these brothers ae in the minority.

  13. Anonymous said

    wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah

    nice blog masha’Allah…

    umm Zaidah Nusaybah

  14. Umm Maymoonah said

    Not just thobes. I think generally men dress more modestly that women these days.

  15. Umm Maymoonah said

    I mean men generally dress more modestly than sisters. Personally I don’t know any man, my husband, brother, my father etc who scrutinize what sisters wear.

    Even on forums blogs etc I see sisters scrutinizing what other sisters wear but I havn’t noticed many brothers doing so.

    Personally I think we need to get out of this whole culture of ‘men bashing.’

    I’ve noticed in my personal life and publicly (on the internet), generally brothers are far better behaved and use more adab and etiquette than sisters do.

  16. hema said

    saabirah- i didn’t really want to start censoring, seen as i haven’t had to so far, but seen as you asked, i’ve done it. let’s just forget about it and move on! (remember to check my other blog though)

    umm maymoonahPersonally I don’t know any man, my husband, brother, my father etc who scrutinize what sisters wear

    really? i wish i knew the men that you knew then. because it’s not what i’m seeing or hearing.

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