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Posted by hema on June 6, 2007

for those that don’t know me, or don’t know me well, you should know i’m known to be …a little dopey, well ok a lot dopey. i will try and cross the road with cars coming at me from both sides, i will walk past people on the street by accident and i think i may have invented the 90 point turn!

but this week, i think i may have surpassed myself in how dopey i have been!! here are a couple of examples to illustrate my point:

1) pasta disaster– you know when you want to add some salt and chillies and can’t be bothered getting a spoon to measure it, so just tip some out from the jar? no, is that just me? well, i am punished for my laziness every time i try this. i tipped some chilli powder into the pot, and half the jar fell out! i managed to get rid of most of it, but it was too hot to do it properly, so to compensate i thought i’d add two spoons of sugar. it didn’t work. i had to drop most it off to my uncle’s, as they can handle their spices better than us.

2) keys seize– when i was going to drop the pasta to my uncles, my dad said to take my sister’s car, so he can do some checks on mine. so i grabbed my sister’s keys and then out of habit just walked to where my car was parked and tried to start my car. i must have sat there for about five minutes wondering why my keys had stopped working before i finally realised.

you have my permission to make fun of my stupidity or you can share your stories to make me feel better! just please don’t mention the time i tried to hold a conversation with a recorded message, or when i tried to pause the radio in a panic when receiving an important phone call. they were years ago, i should be allowed to forget them by now!

16 Responses to “woops”

  1. Sumera said

    I do the spice thing – I underestimate how hot something is and over spice it!

  2. ruby said

    The keys thing, I would do that. After a particular harrowing final I spent a good give minutes in a snowy winter trying to unlock a purple Cavalier….I drove a red Corolla back then. So, its not just you.

  3. hema said

    sumera- it’s a big problem isn’t it?! how come our parents just seem to have the knack for these things and can do it on “indaaza” or guesswork. my mum didn’t even have scales before i started cooking!

    thank you liya’s friend ruby for trying to make me feel better! but i’m presuming you couldn’t tell it wasn’t your car because of the snow so i don’t think it’s as bad as mine. i still win the dopey competition!

  4. Anonymous said

    Ha ha ha! Bimboooo!! Is this why you wish you were blonde, so you could blame your hair for these moments?? 😀

    S (too lazy to sign in)

    PS BTW I always tip the jar when adding salt to cooking (don’t do spices cos I need to measure) and yeah I’ve cooked over salted food before :-p

  5. Lucyp said

    On more than one occasion i have got up on saturday morning, stood there in my PJ’s trying to work out if it is actually Saturday or a workday.

  6. Rosashe said

    AOA sister,

    this is such a funny post, hihi. OK, to make you feel better, I will tell you this story of mine. I was working in a company as part of my industrial training, and one day I went into work wearing my trousers inside out.. It was a nevy coloured trouser and the stiching inside was white. I didn’nt realise this until late in the afternoon (and no one told me either) when I went into the ladies and changed it over. There, do you feel better now 🙂

  7. AnonyMouse said

    Last weekend I was walking around Downtown with my mom, keeping my eyes peeled for hijaabis… we pass a mirror, I catch a glimpse of myself, and get all excited because I think it’s someone else… until I realize that I’m about to squeal excitedly over my own reflection.

  8. hema said

    i think i will give a virtual medal to the one with the best story, some of these are too good!
    i know who i think should win, but i won’t tell you ye in case anyone else wants to vote or share a story!

  9. just a temporary measure said

    Heres one that seems to be very common in our house…spending ages trying to pull the lid off of a jar and getting all worked up about it then realising its a screw jar :S

  10. just a temporary measure said

    oh by the way i didn’t mean obviously screw jars like jam and stuff i meant more like cosmetic jars. I bought a face wash from lush the other day, there was no indication as to it being a screw jar i thoguth it was a pull on but it wasn’t…..

  11. YMiss said

    the ocean salt one? I did the same!

  12. hema said

    i dicided against giving an “award” to the best stroy. i figured it might not be too nice to say “congratulations, you are the dopiest person ever”, so i think i will just keep theaward to myself. especially seen as i do that with jars all the time!
    and i’m in love with lush products at the moment. i go into the shop just to smell everything.

  13. Saabirah said

    hema – you deserve the award.

    (Now, now. Wipe those tears of joy, I know you’re proud of yourself, so are we…)

  14. hema said

    i am rather proud of myself, i don’t think i’ve won an award before.
    however, being the nice friend that i am, i think i may pass it on to you. i just can’t seem to think of anything dopey that you have done..at alL! I’m sure there must be something though. i will think of something!

  15. Saabirah said

    I’ve had many a blonde moments actually. People used to say about me if I wasn’t Asian I’d be blonde…

  16. Saabirah said

    BTW I apologise to anyone blonde who takes offence. Or may take offence.

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