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Posted by hema on May 11, 2007

ok, i really am sorry, nevertheless i have to do it.

emma bunton has a blog!

i love baby spice, she’s so pretty and sophisticated and cool.

i shall now give three justifications for my apparent bizarre obsession.

1. she reminds me of my childhood (when i really was obsesseed) at a time when i am starting to feel old. one of my classes finally figured out my age, and then one of them said “wow you’re old for someone who looks our age” he–y

2. it’s tiring (pretending) i’m so mature and sensible all the time. i had to spend half an hour nagging and nagging a student about wasting time during a mock exam today, when she wrote two pages along the lines of this:

Here is two pages of nonsense. Well so far, it’s one line. Wait, two now. Have you ever wondered whether Adam and Eve have belly buttons? Why thoughts like this appear in my head, I have no idea. Why is Larry always happy? Who is Larry anyway? Could he be the fragment of a delusionist’s imaginataion to counteract his depressive tendencies?

Maybe Larry was just a very happy person, I guess we’ll never know.

I think that’s enough for now. However, I’m being pressured to do more.

actually, i can see the funny side of it now but it’s really not! especially seen as i let her come into my class after she got kicked out of her other English class for similar antics. sigh.

3. it’s friday! and i’m too tired to do the post i’d planned on different forms of Education,

so.. there you go. i hope i don’t lose all the new blogging friends i’ve made:( oh well, this can be a lotalty test. you have to take the good with the bad, after all.

(oh i liked it better when she wore bunches)


11 Responses to “baby”

  1. Unique Muslimah said

    Huney, it’s your blog, do exactly what you want on it and you’ll find us there supporting you and loving the journey all the way. Express yourself freely and feel the freedom of doing so, it’s like gliding in the air.

    I guess everyone has a blog now 😉

  2. mishy said

    *shakes head*
    (Btw did anyone actually like Posh Spice? I hated her! She always looked so miserable)

  3. hema said

    unique- really? it’s a post about baby spice, and i’m 24 yeard old! i think there is such a thing as being too nice.
    how old are you?

    mishy:) ermi think it was deliberate. you know, she looked posh. i try it sometimes when i feel like being snobby,but i’ve been told it’s not me.

  4. iMuslim said

    Awwww… Unique’s comments are just like one big, warm, fuzzy huggle!

    Mine, on the other hand, are like a cold, hard, reality-reminding, slap in the face.



    {i wuv you, weally…}

  5. 'liya said

    I used to like Posh best… I don’t like to admit that now… 😀

  6. Saabirah said

    You sad sad person…. (shakes head in disbelief)

  7. Unique Muslimah said

    Why measure your age with something you like? As long as it doesn’t do any harm, don’t be embarrased! And believe me, I’m not too nice, hehe, just honest.

    iMuslim -hugs- 😉

  8. hema said

    thanks unique, but i really was joking when i wrote that post honest! it’s just fun having people saabirah shaking her head in shame at being being associated with me.

    saabirah, if it helps, i really do think you are prettier then emma 🙂

  9. Saabirah said

    Alright you’re forgiven then :-D.

  10. Anonymous said

    It doesn’t seem apropriate that a muslim is ‘advertising’ emma bunton or her way of life.

  11. hema said

    saabirah.. knew i could sweet talk you round :0) May Allah forgive all out sins.

    annon- just for you, i’ve got rid of the hyperlink to the blog, but not the post as it was tongue in cheek. i think most readers of this blog are sensible enough to make up their own mind, and know what i think about the celebrity way of life.

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