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Don’t ever,ever teach

Posted by hema on May 2, 2007

Don’t ever,ever teach


11 Responses to “Don’t ever,ever teach”

  1. Saabirah said

    Oh dear… what happened?

  2. iMuslim said

    I’ll definitely take the advice into consideration – but yes, me also wondering what happened!

  3. hema said

    let’s just say i don’t think my little darlings are such little darlings anymore, but i’ve just spent half an hour balling my eyes out, so i may be biased at the moment:) it’s my own fault really, i think i should keep more of a distance..
    anyway, saabirah i’m ready to some serious damage with a certain piece of plastic i have at the weekend, what do you say? i’ll even buy you one of those strawberry milkshakes you like..

  4. iMuslim said

    Summink to cheer you up, perhaps.

  5. Farzana said

    hmm what happened? I hope everything is well? I was actually starting to like the idea of teaching hmmm

  6. mishy said

    Ooh that doesn’t sound very good, was it something to do with the inspection thing you’ve just had? (sounds scary)

  7. Saabirah said

    Sure I would have met up with you and banana last weekend but went London for AlKauthar’s Price Of Salvation. On the way back I mentioned to Roz that we should go hiking together seeing as the weather’s so nice. I’ll look up walking routes in the peaks insha’Allah and we’ll go! Unless you really wanna shop?

  8. Farzana said

    I think we should go hiking, i don’t know if i have any suitbale shoes to wear…. so we can go shopping first….

  9. Saabirah said

    We can’t do both banana, not in one day. Plus hiking is quite free which suits me well as I’m skint. Shall we go tomorrow? I left my phone in London, clever huh? So just email me the plans instead, after finalising.

  10. Unique Muslimah said

    I taught for 6 years at a primary school as a volunteer as I wanted to give something back to the community, you know?

    All the teachers were like, why don’t you become a teacher, it’s easy, just go for it. And I’d be like, er no, I’m very happy with my profession, just doing this as an extra thing.

    You want me to have white hair by the end of the week? Some kids are cute but the rest are nightmares. Just a few days ago I heard a boy punched a girl in the face, nothing was done about it…Long story, maybe I’ll post about it on my blog sometime.

  11. hema said

    saabirah, oh that’s why you’re not replying to my texts. i’ll just see you at adab tonight instead. i suppose we can go hiking and i can do the sensible thing and save for halaal accomodation, sigh.
    unique, i’m just having a bad week because inspectors are from the devil! but we got the results back today and passed, and those boys apologised and were super super good today so i adore them again and i’m happy:) alhamdulillah noone has ever punched me, although once nearly, but that’s an even longer story

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