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Posted by hema on April 25, 2007

what colour is betrayal?


16 Responses to “just a random question”

  1. Saabirah said

    That’s a stupid question. You can’t apply abstract concepts to tangible stuff like colour.

  2. hema said

    i beg to differ my dear friend, for colour has often been linked to abstract concepts and emotions. why is evil seen to be black for example, and purity white?
    and how do painters decide which colours to use?
    and why do i feel better when i wear purple?
    so, in conclusion, answer the question and then i’ll tell you what i think. *big cyber hug* 😉

  3. Samia_DK said

    purple (as i have been told) is supposed to be a colour symbolising a higher spiritual level…
    Betrayal i see as light, light yellow. but i think that it also depends on my mood, what colour i combine with a sertain feeling.
    black does not have to symbolise evil or death- i have a friend, who whenever i think of her i picture her black, not because she posesses any bad caracters, but because she loves wearing black although she has a sparkling personality that i would see as pink or something if i should put a colour on it…

  4. Umm Maymoonah said

    Betrayal is pink.. Hehe im very anti-pink at the moment. I refuse to buy anything pink for me or maymo

  5. Saabirah said

    Sigh. Black does symbolise evil (e.g. faces of those doomed for Hell will be black on the DOJ and those going Paradise will be radiant white) but it’s all arbitrary. Black could symbolise modesty (hence black abayahs). I mean in some cultures people wear white when someone dies and in others it’s complete opposite: black!

    To say what is the colour OF something non-tangible rather than what colour SYMBOLISES I think is stupid. But you’re not stupid, I like you.

  6. mishy_moshy said

    I have returned…only to be shunned! I thin you need to re-invite me to your other blog because it won’t let in, I think its because you changed the name of it, gah!

    I don’t really know what colour betrayal is but for some reason I associate betrayal with death so I’ll say red. Why are you asking anyway?

  7. mishy_moshy said

    Wow quick work. I’m impressed! Gold star for you my dear.

  8. iMuslim said

    I see betrayal as red, too. Most likely because it would cause me such anger to be betrayed, and i definitely see anger as red (like a charging bull!).

  9. hema said

    saabirah jaan (because i know how much you hate my use of desi words!) are you going to argue semantics with me now, as well as kriticise my spelling? 🙂 anyway, it’s a metaphor, not everything has to be taken literally. and you still haven’t answered i noticed..

    mishy- glad to see you’re back 🙂 and i’ve text you regarding the comment, let me know what you think..
    why am i asking, because it is interesting to see the differences, and also because i wanted to try out the question. i’m going to subject my students to it tomorrow- i need to put up displays and i’m going to try a colour chart of different moods.

    umm maymo- if i buy maymo a pink dress you’ll feel obliged to dress her in it right, mu ha ha. (FYI that was an evil laugh)

    samia.. that’s good then, as purple is my favourite colour:)

    imsuslim.. red is interesting, and is definitely an angry colour.
    but no matter how i think of it, i can only see betrayal as black, mainly because when the anger fades, there is only ever sadness left, and that is what colour sadness is for me. black.

    and in saabirah’s words, while i acknowledge the vaugeness of that comment, there is not much i can do about it.

  10. YMiss said

    i would have to say pink too, but the sunset type of pink. Betrayal is like the sun setting on a relationship…no matter if you forgive or not things just won’t be the same – the sun’s set on it

  11. hema said

    i love that, do you want to join my class! i’ll let you know how my group get on with it today. for now, i better get off this thing and go bug the art department for supplies again! xx

  12. hema said

    oops i mentioned ymiss’s comments and ended up with about 12 sunsets to put up the board! ymiss you should definitely try this, it brought some interesting discussions. apart from a couple of boys who flat out refused to talk about anything to do with feelings. so what’s new lol.

  13. YMiss said

    was just going to text you and ask how it went, take a pic of the display once its done. I’m liking the idea….could use it like a colour wheel and everyday a different child sets it to what mood they’re in. Then it’ll be intractive and give some sort of insight

  14. Saabirah said

    Fine I’ll answer your question: betrayal is colourless. Like water is colourless. But you can add stuff to it to make it coloured. Different coloured. Like coffee. Or even food colour if you like. You can even make water smell nice. And taste nice. And all by adding things to it.

  15. Organic-Muslimah said


    I have recently been betrayed. It’s grey because after you are betrayed there is no where to go. You can never fix betrayal, like you can’t regain your youth. When you become grey, the natural step is to die. And when you die, you are either white or black.

  16. hema said

    hey organic, i’m not liking this comment. who would dare to hurt you? give me thier address and i’ll… send some of my tough looking boys round!
    seriosuly though, you have my email address now so if you feel like speaking, then contact me anytime. any friend of iMuslim’s is afriend of mine! i’ve also just “stolen” unique’s IM feature, so maybe we can chat on here soon. love you for the sake of Allah. xx

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