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Posted by hema on April 11, 2007

i want to start a section on teaching ideas.

i’m not saying i’m an expert by any means. in fact i’d be worried if i was at this early stage in my career, and when i think i’m a good teacher i’ll probably quit as it won’t be a challenge anymore:)

but i just wanted to share ideas that have worked for me in the classroom. most of them i’ve blatantly stolen from other teachers and examples of good practice anyway, and of course, it depends on the type of students you have and what mood they’re in. i’ve done the same activity with two different groups, and it may go well with one group and not with the other and the reason could be something outside of your control, like what time of day it is and what’s happened in the corridor before they even come into your classroom.

anyway, here are two i particularly like.

basically you put a group of students together and tell them they are a character in a book. they then have to answer questions as if they are that character. other groups have to come up with questions they would ask that character.

so, if you were doing romeo and juliet, you could ask friar lawrence why he wanted to help so much. you then ask the student (or the group) to sit in the hot seat and other groups ask the questions,and they have to answer in the first person, as if they are the character in question. if you have a group that is shy, you can perhaps get them to do it in groups and go round, rather than make come to the front of the class.

i like this activity because it it encourages the students to think of the questions and therefore puts them in control, and it helps them get into the characters’ heads, and while they are thinking about the questions and potential answers, get them to look through the book for quotes to back up what they are saying.

i’m sure this activity could be adapted to suit other subjects. lets see there are at lest two biologists reading this, so you could get them to .. pretend they are a sandwich and describe how they feel as they are going through the digestive system..

or not. stop laughing, there is a reason i don’t teach biology!

second one.. the speech sandwich

hope i can describe this sufficiently as it really does work for me every time. i’ve used it in two very successful interviews, and it is adapted from an example starter activity at mmu (best teacher training place EVER!) she actually made a sandwich, but i think that has the potential to be very messy and my way gets the kids involved.

actually i’ve changed my mind, i will save this one for next time so stay tuned:) besides i need to add the cards i use to go with it, otherwise don’t think it would make sense! and can’t seem to figure out how to link them in.

can someone help me out here. i can add links from the internet, and i can add pictures that are saved on my computer, but can’t seem to add word documents or powerpoints from my documents? i would preferably just want to add them as an attachment to a post, so it can be accessed with the lesson description.

this is why i don’t teach IT either 🙂


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