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medics and creativity

Posted by hema on April 7, 2007

i’m not sure what it is about medics wanting to be all creative in their free time. perhaps it is because they spend all day dealing with illness and icky stuff? anyhow, one of my sisters has decided to take up embroidery and knitting (??) we’re quite pleased about the embroidery part actually, she is rather good. i think we may be waiting a while for our scarves though:) i’ll put up pictures soon so you can see how good she is. of the embroidery i mean. i probably shouldn’t put up any of the knitting just yet!
i also wanted to a say a big public thank you as she tidies my part of the room occasionally.. well ok a little more than occasionally, but in my defence, it helps her relax after a hard day’s work! the last time, she organised my brooches into different sections, all colour coordianted and everything:)

anyhow another sister, baba, is writing poetry at the moment. here are my favourites:


Lacking in happiness and joy,
A desperate cry from the soul,
Something missing; a deep penetrable hole.

Silently afraid, screaming for help,
Gasping to breathe and fighting to beat,
Afraid of the day its Lord it will meet.

Needed but neglected and forgotten,
Overridden by the biological heart,
The soul, the spiritual part.


An ummah drowned in their wrongs,
Accumulating sins splattering onto floods,
So much temptation and so little restraint,
Embarrassingly easy but shockingly scary.

Immersing ourselves in insignificance,
Blinded by desires and excuses,
Sinking deeper into plunging depths,
From illumination to coldness.
Hoping for the best,
A message brings hope of rescue,
As ar-Rahman tells us,
‘My Mercy overcomes My Wrath.’


I’m hidden underneath ripples of purity,
A feeling of refreshing security,
I feel true liberation,
Shared by my sisters throughout the nation,
I’m guarded from eyes made of stony coldness,
From their glare unwanted and senseless,
I’m gliding through an ignorant storm,
With my delicate armour so soothing and warm,
My umbrella of protection,
Tailored to perfection.

i know, i was rather impressed too. constructive comments only about these please. no one (except me!) is allowed to say anything bad about my sisters. or else.


5 Responses to “medics and creativity”

  1. just a temporary measure said

    haaaaww hema u little minx i was going to put babas poetry on my blog!!! i turned on my charm and everything to ask her( it was a text message :D) but you beat me to it!! ggggggrrrrr……………

  2. saudi stepford wife said

    Revealing Modesty…..fantastic. I have to link to it. Mashallah, talent!

  3. hema said

    jtm- 🙂 go find your own talented sister. oh wait don’t tell sid i said that:)
    ssw- she’s been proud of “revealing modesty” ever since she thought it up for a hijaab stall she set up for an islamic awareness day(made me take all my brooches there and everything!). she is quie talented mashallah. must be genetic:)

  4. mishy said

    Wow I never knew she could write poetry like that! Revealing Modesty is beautiful.

    Hey hema lema ding dong when are we going to discuss 24? We haven’t spoken about it since episode 11ish. What do you think of Wayney boy now eh? :p

  5. hema said

    mishy, that’s baji hema lema ding dong to you. have some izzat for your elders. i tell you, aj kal ke bache!
    and i”ve stopped watching 24 for now, baba is busy with uni and i’m quite busy with work. why don’t you stop too! we’ll watch it together!! and leave poor wayne alone, he’s a much better leader then his brother a-any day!

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