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tried and tested

Posted by hema on April 2, 2007

in an era where consumerism is prevalent, we are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements convincing us that happiness is attainable with the purchase of the latest product. this can often lead to feelings of disenchantment, not least of all because the said promise is unfulfilled and can lead to envy and bitterness.

just read this if you don’t believe me.


methoughts i would save you all some time and money and share some of the products i like at the moment.

1. The body shop cocoa butter hand and body lotion
2. The body shop strawberry body lotion
3. the body shop lightening touch
4. Lush smitten hand lotion
5. The body shop foundation brush
5. Mac select sheer powder
6. YSL toche eclat
7. Estee lauder magnoscopic mascara
8. The body shop tea tree oil
9. Mac pink freeze eye shadow
10. Mac powder blush

these products really do what they say on the box. but of course they will not buy you happiness. for there is only one way to do that.


3 Responses to “tried and tested”

  1. Umm Maymoonah said

    Have body shop paid you love? I like at the moment – vegetable soup (homemade) full of essential vitamins etc it has made me feel a lot more energetic and it has been good for my skin – especially since im still practically fully breast feeding maymoonah at 1 years!

  2. hema said

    lol it does sound like that a bit doesn’t it! i didn’t even realise how much of their stuff i use!

  3. YMiss said

    I prefer that palmer’s cocoa butter formula with vitamin E to body shop’s cocoa butter. It leaves your skin extra smooooth.

    They also do one esp. for stretch marks I would recommend it to your sis in law.

    Oh and E45 is brillant for dry skin. Think it’s supposed to be used in extreme dry skin conditions but I like it for elbows and knees

    You missed out THE number 1 essential…..vaseline the green ‘ello vera’ one

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