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my brooch collection

Posted by hema on April 2, 2007


6 Responses to “my brooch collection”

  1. Saabirah said

    Oh my God….

    (Shakes head in disbelief) Love, you have a condition. And I KNOW that can’t be all of them. I don’t suppose they all fitted into the picture!

  2. just a temporary measure said

    lol i think you need to take out some insurance to cover them 😀

  3. hema said

    nope that’s all of them honest. don’t you think it is enough. perhaps i should buy some more then. i mean if you insist.
    welcome to my blog temporary measure. so you’re a psychologist- maybe there is a reason for my brooch obsession? maybe it is because my friends don’t love me enough? in your expert opinion, perhaps they should buy me brooches to prove their love?

  4. Samia_DK said

    I am impressed and scared at the same time (lol) xxx

  5. saudi stepford wife said

    I AM INSULTED! The one I got you isn’t good enough to display eh! Or did it get lost in the abyss of your brooch box? Mind you, I’ve already considered that maybe it’s just not showing up within that cacophony of color!

  6. hema said

    no no don’t be insulted the one you got remains one of my favorites honest!in fact, i think think it was my first brooch ever, so is extra important. hhhm come to think of it, maybe my brroch obsession is your fault! the smaller ones are in a separate box, so they don’t get lost, i forgot to include them in the picture but will post them soon to prove it.
    love to M , H and F. 🙂 xx

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