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every child matters

Posted by hema on March 31, 2007

I know every child matters, that is why I wanted to teach in the first place and definitely why I wanted to be a personal tutor! But what I don’t get is why I have to waste time proving it on paper for the benefit of other people when I could be working on actually doing it!
Our college is being inspected next month, (I will no doubt be ranting a lot more about this soon) and so the college has decided that every single scheme of work has to be moved on to a new format with a separate column for every child matters. Now, I don’t want to turn into one of the cynical old men that were being quite rude to the management team in the meeting we had on this topic in the meeting this morning,
but I can see their point.
I teach English .why should I have to mention the every child matters agendas in every single lesson?

A bit of background.

Every child matters
came about due to the death of Victoria climbie, an eight year old girl who was severely tortured by her aunt and boyfriend. The shocking thing about the case was that no one noticed how bad she was being treated until after she died, even though all the signs were there and she had had numerous contact with the police, social services etc who all failed to notice or acknowledge her suffering.
The government’s response to this was to make it an obligation for every professional in charge of children to look out for a child’s welfare. In terms of teaching this means we have to show how we are incorporating the following in to lessons plans:

• Be healthy
• Stay safe
• Enjoy and achieve
• Make a positive contribution
• Achieve economic well-being

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the agenda and deal with these issues all the time in tutorials. (we did food diaries one time! I had to ..stretch the truth…ok blatantly lie on mine so I looked like a good role model!) I suppose they can be done in English as well. For example, when analyzing a persuasive writing text you could use a piece on why alcohol consumption is bad for you , or any language quizzes would come under enjoying and achieving or you could set an activity where students have to write an instructive piece on how children should cross the road.
I suppose I can see the benefit of it then. Just wish I didn’t have to change all my schemes of work
For those of you thinking of applying for teaching, or about to go for an interview, every child matters is high on the government’s agenda at the moment and so a big thing in schools, so it might be worth mentioning what you know about it on application forms.


6 Responses to “every child matters”

  1. Samia_DK said

    To this i shall say “every blog matters” ;o) as a teacher you should know, that there is a young impossible child in each one of us… now put me back on your “special” list…lol
    as salaamu aleikum.
    samia xxx

  2. hema said

    it’s done:)
    salaam xx

  3. YMiss said

    Every child matters….i’m so sick of hearing about that damn document!!

  4. YMiss said

    Every child matters….i’m so sick of hearing about that damn document!!

  5. hema said

    lol i am too but you don;t have to write it twice, we heard you the first time:)

  6. YMiss said

    double the posts = double the hatred 😉

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