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what i did today

Posted by hema on March 23, 2007

i did the be-est thing today, you will have to email or text me to find out what:)


7 Responses to “what i did today”

  1. Anonymous said

    well i know what u did cs i did the same thing…

  2. Anonymous said

    and u came on ur blog inseatd of txting me back hmmm me not v happy

  3. Saabirah said

    Anonymous – I know who you are! I have a talent masha’Allah of identifying people from their internet talk.

    So you guys, let me know how much you’re aching tomorrow – muhahaha!

  4. hema said

    banana- i see you found my blog. i didn’t text back becuase my phone was on charge sowwy. but this blog is my new toy so don’t ask me to choose between the two of you. you may not win:)
    saabirah- you’re right, i spoke to sson yesterday. i am aching all over. i’m still going back on tuesday though.have you set up a blog yet

  5. YMiss said

    I can’t wait to try it out on tuesday! I will be ready and waiting at the train station for 5 i.A

  6. Umm Maymoonah said

    I know what you did. Im VERY jelous! Hey its FORBIDDEN to have ANY FUN without moi!

    Anyway me and Maymo had our own fun….

  7. hema said

    what did you and maymo do?? you know how nosy i am, i will find out:)

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